3 Smart Skull Cap Patterns

Frequently referred to as beanies, these are however the beanies which are brimless and fit on to top of the heads or on top of the skull caps. A large variety of patterns and styles can be found online which might be perfect for the home knitted skull caps. There are some hats which actually require designs but mostly ribbed patterns seem to be the perfect choice for the beginner. When looking for colors, the dual color knitting pattern gives the striped design and can be ideal for the skull caps. For a more exquisite approach smaller designs like stars and snowflakes are worth a try. The basket weave or the Lacey Knit weaving pattern can be used occasionally to create gorgeous looking skull caps.


Generic Skull Cap Knitting Pattern

Skull Cap Knitting Pattern

Free Knitted Skull Cap Pattern

Knitted Skull Cap Pattern

Knit Skull Cap Pattern

Knit Skull CapĀ 

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