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best circular knitting needles

Finding the best circular knitting needles doesnt have to be an overwhelming task, and luckily for you we went through and did the hard work for you. Circular needles are great for a variety of reasons of which the weight of the fabric is more evenly distributed than regular needles, they eliminate the need to switch from one needle to the next, and the stitches won't fall off the back of the needles.

A lot of knitters use them permanently, in replace of regular straight needle. So you are sold on circular needles. But what are the best circular knitting needles? Well, below are some of the best circular knitting needle sets on Amazon.

Best Circular Knitting Needles Comparision Table

KnitPicks is known for good quality products at affordable prices. Through streamlining retail, global sourcing, and ethical manufacturing, Knitpicks is able to make good products at good prices without creating poor quality work environments.

Layers of laminated birch add strength while sharp tapered points make working stitches much easier. This set comes with a vinyl case. Also, the flexible memory-free cables provide snag free knitting. Simply put, these are some of the best interchangeable circular knitting needles.

If all that sounds good to you, then these might be the best circular knitting needles for you.

These Takumi bamboo circular needles are made by Clover, out of the finest bamboo from Japan using the Clover manufacturing technique. Clover is loved and respected by its customers who swear by the quality of Clover products. The loyalty that Clover customers display is a good testament to the quality of their needles.

These needles, the Takumi bamboo premium, are the velvet bamboo edition needles from Clover, and are more smoothly finished.

These needles are longer, making them perfect for working with scarves or other long material.

Whether bamboo is the best circular knitting needles for you is decided by what you are looking for. Wood can be more expensive but many knitters say bamboo is their preferred needle, metal is more durable but can be slippery and creates a lot of clicking, and plastic is cheaper but is known to break.

Knitter's Pride is a well respected company around the world with a substantial background in the technology that goes into producing fine needles. Knitter's Pride products are sold in over forty-five countries under the KnitPro brand, recognized as the fasting growing brand in Europe in the field of knitting accessories.

These Basix fixed circular needles were made in India out of birch. Wooden needles are smooth but not slippery, making them good option for new knitters or when using slippery yarns.

These Tinksky circular knitting needles are made from very durable hard stainless steel and steel wire. They have a lightweight design and are easy and comfortable to use. Each pair has separate packaging, making storage convenient.

Metals needles are good for all types of yarn types and weights, particularly wool, wool blends and acrylics. Metal needles, though stronger and less easily bent, have highly polished surfaces, making it easier for stitches to slip of the needle's tip, making them better choices for more experienced knitters.

Bamboo is a great choice if you want to get rid of the clicking noise created by metal needles. Bamboo is also smoother and lighter and has a completely different feel compared to metal, it is also the preferred type of many experienced knitters.

Bamboo needles are more flexible then metal, but less so than casein or plastic needles. In smaller sizes, they can bend or break.

These particular bamboo needles are carbonized, which makes them slicker and therefore easier to use.


Wrapping up, we think the Knit Picks set is the best option for all around use. It includes everything you need to handle most any knitting project.

What option did you go with? Let us know in the comments below!

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