Top 125 Best Crafts Blogs (Sewing, Knitting, Crochet & Quilting)

Best Crafts Blogs

If you are passionate about sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, arts and crafts or other DIY projects then you are most certainly eager to learn everything that is new in the field and all the unique and interesting things you can try. I am about to make your life easier and your research a lot more effective with this 125 top bloggers list.

Top 125 Sewing, Knitting, Arts & Crafts Bloggers

1. English Girl at Home

Charlotte- English-Girl-At-Home

Birmingham based project manager, Charlotte is passionate about sewing and knitting, but also about natural dyeing and other crafts or DIY projects.

She is one of the best bloggers because of her expertise and her efforts to turn sewing into a social activity where everyone can share their experience.

2. This Blog is Not for You


If you want to know all there is to know about dressmaking, tailoring and other useful and interesting sewing project, then Charlie is certainly the go to person for that.

Her blog is full of wonderful ideas that can keep you in the loop when it comes to new designs.

3. Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing


Amanda is a blogger interested in sewing and fashion, which certainly shows when judging by her posts which are more than likely to spark the interest of any sewer, amateur or professional.

4. Angie Padilla

Angie Padilla-ajpadilla

Angie Padilla is self learner who got around sewing and quilting on her own. The good news is that she is willing to share some of that experience on her blog, with her readers.

5. Crochet n’ Crafts


Helena, or learnt the crochet and knitting basics from her sisters. She became so passionate about it that she became an expert pattern designer, sewist and knitter. You can check out her blog for free crochet patterns and various tutorials on fantastic projects.

Mary Scott Huff

Mary Scott Huff has a lot of experience with knitting and designing, being one of the bloggers that really is focused on providing readers with valid answers and great ideas. On top of that her experience as a mom and a wife really comes in handy.

7. Truly Myrtle


Libby is a knitting pattern designer from New Zealand and she is the person behind the Truly Myrtle blog. Here is where you will find countless ideas for your projects as well as useful answers to knitting and sewing questions.

8. Very Shannon


Shannon is a knitting and sewing pattern designer as well as an author and publisher who lives in Vancouver. She is one of the most prolific sewing bloggers having published an impressive number of books. Her experience is most likely to help you as well.

9. The Healthy Knitter

Christina Campbell-thehealthyknitter

This blog almost exclusively focuses on knitting and on all the interesting things related to it. However, Christina Campbell, mother of three, also mentions that keeping a healthy balance between all the aspects of your life is important, so the blog might help you out on that front as well.

10. Did You Make That


Karen has a lot of experience when it comes to knitting and sewing and that’s why she started the Did You Make That blog. What you need to keep in mind is the fact that originality is something this author truly values!

11. The Knitting Squirrel

Nicolette Kernohan-the-knitting-squirrel

The Knitting Squirrel is run by Nicolette Kernohan and it contains a lot of useful details about knitting, including information about knitting classes and various books that her readers can learn from. The blog has a very friendly tone that you will surely love.

12. Inside Out Style blog

Imogen Lamport-insideoutstyleblog

If you are looking for great tips and tricks when it comes to your wardrobe then this is certainly the right blog for you. It contains great fashion ideas and it can certainly help you out in your tailoring projects.

13. I am Luna Sol

I am Luna Sol is a great blog focused on quilting and other similar DIY projects. The author is Felice Regina, a designer and Illustrator from Houston who is full of wonderful ideas that can inspire you.

14.  Made By Rae

The person behind this blog is Rae, a former physics teacher who apart from blogging is now solely focused on sewing and on making sewing sewing patterns. You are definitely going to find interesting things there!

15. Crab & Bee


Crab & Bee is a sewing blog run by Morgan. She is a self taught sewer with a lot of experience in making stylish items of clothing. She aims to have her audience interested in creating a durable, wearable and fashionable wardrobe.

16. Drea Renee Knits

As the name suggests, this is a knitting blog run by Andrea Mowry. The blog focuses not only on knitting tips and tricks, but on design and style as well, having an interesting accent on the quality of the finished projects.


Erin is a sewer mostly interested in swimwear and bra design. This means that if you are keen on finding new patterns and designs then this should be your go to blog.


Everyone who is into arts and crafts as well as DIY projects should certainly check out this blog. It contains a lot of tutorials and useful information on how to get the best out of your plans and turn them into successful projects.

19. What Katie Sews

It is a relief for sewers to find someone so willing to share their thoughts and ideas, especially when that someone is a sewist and web designer. Katie has a vast experience in working with thread and needle and her ideas are always appreciated.

This is definitely a fun and very useful blog for anyone. It is run by Luqman, who reviews all kind of technology gadgets, many for sewists and craft.

21. This Knitted Life

This blog will let you in the world of knitting, patterns and amazing ideas you can get inspired by. Andrea, the author of the blog describes herself as a knitting addict so there are plenty of things to learn from her.

22. Whip Stitch

This is yet another useful blog for anyone who is keen on doing things on their own, including making up a new and fashionable wardrobe with comfortable and durable items. The blog lets you in on a lot of secrets of the trade and on tricks you can use in your projects.

23. Ginger Makes

Ginger Makes is a really fun blog where you can not only learn a lot about knitting and sewing, but have a few laughs as well. The author really does a great job explaining every single steps of her projects.

24. Blog For Better Sewing

The reason why this blog is so amazing is the fact that it is really straightforward and does not try to put things in a better light. You are bound to learn a lot from here, because the author really is focused on improving sewing skills.

25. Whistle and Ivy

Passionate about crochet and knitting? Then this is the place for you, especially if you are into items that are both chic and practical. The blog is brimming with fantastic ideas that you can try on your own.

Julie is the one responsible for the Gleeful Things blog and seems to have a lot of experience when it comes to crocheting, since she started selling her patterns ever since 2006. The California Based blogger has plenty of interesting projects that can inspire you!

Emma Varnam is behind the blog that carries her name. She is a wife and a working mother who has had quite the successful crochet and knitting design career up until now. Living in North England, Emma is more than thrilled to share projects and patterns with her readers.

The name of the blog is Elsie Pop and it is run by Louise C. who is passionate not only about crocheting, but knitting as well. She has been running the blog for over three years, lives in London and is clearly an animal lover. You will certainly find a lot of interesting ideas on her blog!


Natalia Kononova runs the Outstanding Crochet blog where you will find nothing less than outstanding projects, not to mention tips and tricks for crochet and knitting patterns.

Poppy and Bliss is yet another amazing crocheting blog that you can get inspiration from. What you should know is the fact that this blog is run by Michelle, who lives in Melbourne who, apart from sharing her experience on the blog also takes part in various local classes and workshops.

31. Bonita Patterns Blog

Lianka Azulay-Bonita Patterns Blog

Bonita Patterns Blog is a great source for you to get free patterns and to find amazing new ideas for future projects. The blog is run by Lianka Azulay who was born in Brazil and has been crocheting ever since she was 7, so keep an eye out because there is a lot to learn from her.

32. One Dog Woof

One Dog Woof-Chi Wei

The funny and witty One Dog Woof blog is run by Chi Wei, born in Taiwan and currently living in the US. She loves food, her heritage and she has been passionate about crocheting for quite a while, not to mention the fact that she is unbelievably creative.

33. Jenn Likes Yarn


Nobody can mistake Jenn’s blog for something that it’s not, since it’s called Jenn Likes Yarn. And, to be honest, after a simple browsing of the blog anyone can find it obvious that Jenn loves not only yarn but crocheting, patterns and everything in between!

Carolyn is the one responsible for what goes on the Purple Poncho, which is a lot of patterns, creativity and fantastic ideas. Carolyn was first introduced to crocheting by her grandma who had made her a purple poncho.

​35. Julie Yeager Designs

Julie Yeager Designs is, obviously, run by Julie Cassidy Yeager who has been crocheting and knitting ever since she was 8 years old. There is a lot of experience and skill behind her and anyone would be a fool not to try and learn something from her.

Jane-Beautiful Crochet Stuff

The one responsible for Beautiful Crochet Stuff is Jane, an incredibly creative and talented person when it comes to new and unique patterns. The blog features quite an impressive number of free crochet patterns that you can take advantage of.


Cre8tion Crochet is run by Lorene, who is indeed one of the most creative crochet bloggers out there. Wife and mother of three, Lorene’s most important goal is to share fashionable, free patterns with her readers.

38. Vickie Howell

Vickie Howell runs a crochet blog that actually carries her name. Apart from being passionate about crocheting, she is also a designer, an author, broadcast personality, instructor and even motivational speaker. She is obviously someone with a lot of things to say and to teach others.

Although Freshstitches sounds more like a sewing blog, it is in fact a crocheting blog run by Stacey Trock. She has a lot of available patterns, especially for crochet dolls and other toys that your kids might enjoy.

40. Crochet Spot

Rachel Choi has been running Crochet Spot ever since 2009. With years of experience in the crocheting world, she is more than thrilled to share her patterns with the community and with anyone willing to learn.

41. Oombawaka Design Crochet

Rhondda is responsible for Oombawaka design Crochet. She is a freelance crochet designer and, obviously, a blogger. She lives in Canada and is excited to help out newbies in her tutorials for those who are new to crocheting.

42. Jenny and Teddy


Born in the ‘80s and growing up in the ‘90s, Jane had plenty of time to perfect the art of crocheting. That is why she is now running the Jenny and Teddy blog where she shares her most recent patterns and great ideas that can inspire her readers.

43. Vendula

Magic With Hook and Needles is run by Vendula, a wife and mother of two girls. One thing that you will notice about her projects and patterns is the fact that they are all incredibly cheerful and colorful, because she absolutely loves to play with color and make bright things that stand out!

44. Crochet Geek

Teresa is the Crochet Geek responsible for all the amazing patterns and great ideas on the blog. She has been crocheting for over 30 years and has actually turned it into a prolific career, blogging and posting various videos so that anyone to enjoy her knowledge.


Jennifer is one of the bloggers that make crocheting look unbelievably easy with her A Crocheted Simplicity blog. She shares plenty of patterns on the blog and a lot of creative designs that you will certainly enjoy!

46. Marly Bird

Marlaina runs Marly Bird, a very fun and interesting crocheting blog. If you are a beginner then there are a lot of things that Marlania can teach you through her classes, videos and plenty of tutorials.

47. My Hobby Is Crochet

Kinga runs My Hobby Is Crochet, which makes it obvious what her passions are. But all jokes aside, you should know that Kinga has been crocheting ever since 2012 and started the blog just a year later when she became really good at what she was doing.

​48. Lilla Bjorn Crochet

Lilla Bjorn’s Crochet World is a cute and fun blog run by Tatsiana who says she likes to crochet little bears (that’s what Lilla Bjorn means in Swedish). Other than that, she has been crocheting since kindergarten and has a lot of interesting ideas to use in her projects.

49. Crochet Kim

Crochet Kim is the name of the blog and Kim Guzman is the name of the blogger. The blog is a unique blend of free crochet patterns and cooking recipes, which is quite interesting. Just keep in mind that Kim offers a free pattern every week so make sure you visit her blog regularly for all the updates!

50. Repeat Crafter Me


Sarah runs Repeat Crafter Me and she is passionate about anything related to arts and crafts, including crocheting. She actually thought herself how to crochet back in 2011 and she has done nothing but improve her skill ever since. Now she is teaching others how to excel through her blog.

51. Knitted Bliss


Julie runs the blog Knitted Bliss and she is focused on sharing modified knitting projects with her readers. If you like your work to be unique, then you should keep an eye out for her updates. Other than that, she is passionate about traveling, reading, writing and, of course, knitting.


Anne Hanson is responsible for everything happening on Knitspot. Apart from knitting, the blog is also great if you want to try out new recipes and if you are an animal lover. Other that that, you will certainly fall in love with all the wonderful patterns and ideas that Anne shared on the blog.


Never Not Knitting is the name of the blog and it is run by Alana Dakos. She is a knitwear designer, author, podcaster and even a former knitting instructor. Needless to say, there is plenty to learn from her and her unique designs.

Rose - Kim Knits is a knitting blog run by Jessica. This is ideal for anyone particularly interested in fashionable hat/beanie designs, mittens and cozy knitted scarfs. The blog has a very familiar tone and loads of wonderful ideas, which you could certainly benefit from.

Melissa runs NeoKnits, a great blog to get inspired from. She has actually studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where she specialized in knitwear. Her love for knitting began with her grandmother, which taught her how to handle the needles at the age of seven.


KnittingTherapy is certainly one of the best knitting blogs you could stumble upon. It is run by La Maison Rililie who actually does believe in the therapeutic powers of knitting. She views knitting as a sculpture and that is why her patterns and designs will always impress her readers.

Random Knits

Donna runs Random Knits, an incredibly cheerful and useful blog at the same time. She is more than thrilled to share her work and ideas with her readers and genuinely seems interested in helping knitters achieve their highest potential.

58. Laura Chau


The person behind the Laura Chau knitting blog carries the same name and she learned how to knit when she was only 12. She is not only passionate about knitting, but about sewing and crafts as well. There are certainly plenty of things her readers have to learn from her!

59. Chic Knits

Bonne Marie Burns has always been passionate about fashion and clothing, particularly knitwear and that is exactly why she came up with the idea for the Chic Knits blog. This is where she shares different patterns and some of the best knit designs her readers could hope for.


If you are looking for a great knitting blog to get your ideas from, then you should definitely check out Tanis Fiber Arts. The blog is run by Tanis herself along with her family, all of which are passionate about knitting and knitwear.

61. The Plucky Knitter

The Plucky Knitter is a knitting blog that is run by Sarah. She started the blog back in 2007 and she has specialized in creating hand dyed yarns in unique colors. Apart from that, the blog also has some wonderful knitting patterns and loads of ideas you can inspire from.

62. Kate Davies Designs


Kate Davies is an avid knitter living in Scotland. She enjoys designing, writing and traveling. She is so passionate about knitting that in 2015 she began manufacturing her own brand of wool yarn. Her experience and passion will surely be a positive influence on your projects as well.


Although the name might not suggest it, VeryPink is a knitting blog. It is Run by Staci who has been knitting for over 40 years. She is not only a designer, but a knitting teacher as well, which means that if you are just now beginning to get the hang of knitting, this might be the blog to help you out.


Those of you who feel like knitting is a solitary activity, A Friend to Knit With will prove you quite the contrary. This blog is managed by Leslie Friend, who lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and three children. She has more than 10 years of blogging and knitting experience and quite an interesting history you will enjoy reading on the blog.

65. Knit With Attitude


Maya will teach you how to Knit With Attitude. This is actually the name of her blog, where she shares her eco - friendly views about knitting with her readers. Taking aside the knitting ideas, patterns and designs that you can find on the blog, you will also get to learn how ethical and eco - friendly knitting works.

66. Knitting at Large


Knitting at Large is, by far, one of the best knitting blogs you could hope for, especially if you are looking for patterns that can actually fit you and not a model. No matter of your shape and size you can rest assured that Julie has plenty of things in store for her readers.

67. Hazel Tindal


Hazel Tindal grew up in Shetland, where knitting actually is part of the local tradition. With over 60 years of knitting experience, she has made a lot of patterns available on the blog so that her readers can enjoy and use them on their projects.

68.  Mama In A Stitch


Mama In A Stitch is a knitting blog run by Jessica. She is passionate about arts, sewing and crafts, but there is nothing that compares with her love for yarn and knitwear. This actually shows in her blog posts where she shares some of the most interesting designs with her readers.

69. Sweater Babe


SweaterBabe is a wonderful knitting blog run by Katherine. Here is where you will find plenty of unique and interesting knitting patterns that you can use or adapt to your projects. She also has an advice section where her experience comes in handy to her readers.


The Gift of Knitting is run by Alina, a very imaginative and creative knitter who loves making knitting tutorials and share some, if not most of her ideas with anyone who stumbles upon her blog. One of the great things about her and the blog is that is beginner friendly and anyone can ask as many questions as they wish.

71. Knit The Hell Out


Cassy Dominick manages the Knit The Hell Out knitting blog. She lives in Arkansas and has a doctorate in counselor education. Other than that, she loves wearing and making hats as well as designing knitwear. You will find a lot of patterns on her blog.

​72. Curious Handmade


Curious Handmade is run by Helen Stewart, the creator of the brand and also a podcaster. She has made it her mission to find and design patterns that are the least frustrating for her readers, which means they are easy to make and enjoyable as well.

73. Nocturnal Knits


If you are an avid knitter then you already know what it’s like to stay up at night and finish a working project. This is exactly why you will enjoy reading Nocturnal Knits, a blog managed by Laura Birek, who first started knitting back in 2005 and gathered plenty of experience to share with others as well.

74. TikkiKnits

Georgie Nicolson-tikkiknits

TikkiKnits is run by Georgie Nicolson, a knitter with a lifetime knitting experience. With over 100 knitting patterns published, Georgie thinks that every person who is passionate about knitting is responsible for passing on their know - how. And that is why her blog is one of the best out there.

75. Knit British


Louise is a writer, podcaster and yarn enthusiast. She is especially fond of british wool, that is exactly why she started the Knit British blog, where she reviews, writes and talks about pretty much everything even remotely related to yarn and knitting.

76. Sewing London


Ami runs Sewing London and she is a freelance designer and pattern cutter based in the UK. She is mainly passionate about vintage clothes and patterns and she considers sewing to be a very big part of her life, as she even makes her own patterns that she shares with her readers.

77. East London Knit


Renee is yet another knitting blogger based in the UK, who runs East London Knit. She actually studied fashion design and specialized in knitwear at Central Saint Martins College. She collects yarn and knitting machines and loves creating new patterns.

78. Sew can She


Caroline manages the Sew can She blog, a place where you will find loads of new and interesting ideas for your projects. She has four children and has always found sewing for them can be quite a pleasant activity.

79. Lucky Lucille


The blogger behind Lucky Lucille is called Rochelle, a pattern designer who always likes to share her new ideas with the people who read her blog. She considers herself a Maker, which means she is incredibly creative and imaginative!

80. Allie Jackson

Allie Jackson

Allie Jackson runs the blog that carries her name. She is a librarian with a passion for sewing and fashion. She mainly loves the 1950s and 1960s style, especially when it comes to full skirts and shift dresses, which you will find a lot of on her website.

81. Guthrie & Ghani


Lauren runs Guthrie & Ghani, a sewing blog that can offer you a wide range of things to read and get your inspiration from, including workshops, tutorials and patterns. Her passion for sewing has even led her to open a shop and a creative studio so that her ideas can reach others more easily.

82. Melly Sews


Melly Sews is a sewing blog run by Melissa who is not only a blogger and writer, but a designer and teacher as well. Given the fact that sewing is one of the great loves of her life, you can imagine just how many things you have to learn from her posts.

83. Sew Outnumbered


Sew Outnumbered is managed by Nat who says that for her sewing is not just a simple hobby, but something on the verge of turning into an obsession. She started sewing back in the 1980s, which means that her vast experience can only work in your advantage.

84. Sew Different

Laura Casey-sewdifferent

If you are looking for a place to fit in as a sewist or a friendly and welcoming community, then Sew Different is the blog you should read. The blog is run by Laura Casey, a seamstress who likes to recreate clothes from her favorite shops and who will teach you to do the same.

85. Sew Sweetness


The posts on Sew Sweetness are all written and edited by Sara. This means that all the tutorials, patterns and wonderful ideas are shared by this mother of two who has found her confidence in sewing.

86. The Last Stitch

Johanna Lu-thelaststitch

If you are passionate about fashion and sewing and fitness as well, then The Last Stitch is certainly the place for you. The blog is run by Johanna Lu, an exercise and clothes fanatic who loves not only working out, but also making her own clothes.

87. Idle Fancy


Idle Fancy is a sewing blog written by Mary Danielson Perry. She is a writer and a sewist who likes to share her ideas with her readers. Her first book got published in 2016, so you are bound to learn a lot of things both from her novels and her sewing experience.

88. Straight Stitch Designs


Kimberly runs Straight Stitch Designs, a blog that perfectly combines style and comfort. If this is what you are looking to achieve in your projects, then you will love what this mother of two, passionate about designing patterns has to say.

89. The Finished Garment


Although The Finished Garment has a very formal sound to it, the blog is actually quite informal and friendly. It is run by Shannon, who was taught to sew by her mother and grandmother back when she was a child. She now has four children and a wide range of hobbies, which fortunately include sewing.

90. Lilacs and Lace

Laura Mae-lauramaedesigns

Laura Mae runs Lilacs and Lace, a blog that is filled with sewing and knitting patterns. She is mostly passionate about vintage clothing, which is what you will find most of on the blog.

91. Very Berry Handmade


The first thing you will notice when reading the Very Berry Handmade blog is the fact that Ali, the writer, is a very creative and imaginative person. She likes sharing sewing tutorials, crochet patterns and even holds various sewing workshops.

92. Sewrendipity

Alex sewrendipity

Sewrendipity is yet another great sewing blog run by Alex, a Romanian living in London. She believes that sewing is highly addictive and that is why she loves sharing her projects with her readers. You will find plenty of ideas there.

93. Mrs. Hughes


If you are into vintage then you will love Mrs. Hughes. The blog is run by Tanya, a seamstress from California who loves animals, historical costuming and retro sewing.

94. Julia Bobbin


Julia Bobbin started sewing back in 2009. She lives in Melbourne and has two children. Passionate about sewing, fabrics and dancing, Julia also knits and manages the blog where she shares her patterns and ideas.

95. Ginger Thread Girl


Jen is the Ginger Thread Girl, a sewist who got passionate about this hobby back in 2014 when she took a dressmaking course at her local college. She now likes to post her makings and share her ideas with the online sewing community.

96. Tilly and the Buttons


Tilly Walnes runs Tilly and the Buttons, a sewing blog that focuses on creating and sharing sewing patterns and workshops for the growing online sewing community. She started writing on the blog more than seven years ago, so her experience is certainly a plus.

97. Almond Rock


Almond rock is a great sewing blog and it just happens to carry the name of the person who founded it. She has been sewing ever since 2010 and over these past few years her love for sewing only grew stronger. Apart from the blog, she is also an editor for Love Sewing.

98.  Noodlehead


Although Noodlehead is quite a peculiar name for a sewing blog, Anna seems to have made it work! She is not only passionate about sewing, but about writing as well. She wrote a book called Handmade Style, where you can find a lot of ideas that she shares on the blog as well.

99. Cluck Cluck Sew


Cluck Cluck Sew might be a very useful sewing blog for you, especially if you are into quilting. Here is where Allison shares most of her works as well as a lot of tips, tricks and even tutorials.

100. Red Pepper Quilts

Rita Hodge-redpepperquilts

Rita Hodge is a mother of two, born in Holland and who lives in Australia. She is incredibly passionate about quilting and collecting fabrics that she uses in her fabulous projects. The good news is that she likes to share these projects with her readers.

101. Diary of a Quilter

Amy Smart-diaryofaquilter

In Diary of a Quilter Amy Smart does more than just share her quilting projects, but a story of someone who is incredibly inventive and creative. Apart from being a quilter, she is also a pattern designer and mother of two.

102. Late Night Quilter

latenightquilter-Stephanie Palmer

Late Night Quilter is a quilting blog especially designed for those of you who have a busy schedule and don’t seem to ever keep up with all the creative ideas. Stephanie Palmer explains just how you could squeeze quilting into your schedule, with easy and time saving patterns.

103. A Pile of Fabric


If you are an avid sewist then you are most certainly familiar to what “A Pile of Fabric” means. You should know that it is also a blog run by Alyssa Lichner, a freelance web and graphic designer who learned how to sew when she was a kid.

104. Fresh Lemon Quilts


Faith runs Fresh Lemon Quilts, a quilting blog that does not only share fantastic quilting patterns, but sewing ones as well. The great thing about it is that it has created a great online community around it, where people can share their ideas and thoughts on various designs.

105. A Quilting life


If you are interested in knowing what A Quilting life looks like, then you Should certainly read what Sherri has to say. She lives in Nevada, loves the ocean and has even started her own pattern company called Printing Life Designs.

106. Piece N Quilt

Natalia Whiting Bonner

Piece N Quilt is run by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting. Natalia has over twenty years of experience in quilting and Kathleen has been basically sewing all of her life. Between the two of them you will certainly have a lot of things to learn, including new patterns and various quilting tutorials.

107. Lucie is The Happy Quilter


Lucie is The Happy Quilter, a highly creative crafter who enjoys sharing her works with anyone interested in learning new quilting tricks. She was born in Canada and lives in the UK at the moment. The blogger has even taken up longarm quilting, which says a lot about her desire to innovate and perfect her skills.

108. Red Thread Studio

Jen-Red Thread Studio

Jen runs the Red Thread Studio, a place that gives you the opportunity to learn everything there is to learn about quilting. She shares patterns, tips, tricks and even holds various events for the quilting community.

109. Green Fairy Quilts

Judi Madsen-greenfairyquiltsblog

Green Fairy Quilts is written and managed by Judi. She is an avid quilter, a pattern designer and an author. Apart from that, she is a mother of four and runs a quilting related business with her husband, Clint.

110. Quilting Jetgirl


If you are wondering who The Quilting JetGirl is, then you need to look no further, it is Yvonne. Her main purpose is to create and cultivate a large quilting online community where everyone is welcome. She puts a lot of effort into teaching others through various tutorials and quilt alongs.

110. Quilting in the Rain


Jera manages Quilting in the Rain a blog where you will find not only plenty of tutorials, but a lot of innovative ideas that you can use in your projects. She is a fabric designer and author, not to mention a very experienced and knowledgeable quilter.

111. Tales of Cloth


Jodi has been sewing and making children clothes since 2001, when she started to sell them at local craft markets in Australia, where she lives with her husband and three kids. Things have obviously evolved since then and she is now the proud author of Tales of Cloth, a blog where she shares her works.

112. Stitched in Color


Stitched in Color is a fantastic sewing blog managed by Rachel. She loves color, design and fabrics of all sorts. She shares a lot of tutorials on the blog, so you will definitely have the urge to bookmark it.

113. My Quilt Infatuation


If you are passionate about quilting then you know that feeling of infatuation you get when working on a project. This is probably the same idea that Kelly had when she started the blog My Quilt Infatuation. This is where she shares countless tutorials and gives loads of tips to those who are new to the craft.

114. Nicola Foreman Quilts


Nicola Foreman writes on Nicola Foreman Quilts. Apart from quilting, she is passionate about her family, friends and her dog. She lives in the UK, in the countryside and regularly writes on the blog, sharing her works, especially when it comes to bags and cushions.

115. Ludlow Quilt and Sew

Rose Smith- ludlowquiltandsew

Ludlow Quilt and Sew is run by Rose Smith. She is an experienced and quite talented quilter who has made it her mission to teach others the craft as well. This is the main reason why you will find a lot of tutorials and free quilting and sewing patterns on her blog.

117. Quilting on the Go


Quilting on the Go is a very interesting and thought provoking quilting blog. It is run by Carolyn Forster, an author and graduate of Textiles at Bath. If you go on her blog, you will see that she truly is a professional as you will find her free patterns and tutorials.

118. Quilts by Lisa Watson


Lisa manages and writes on Quilts by Lisa Watson. This is quite an impressive quilting blog, much like the person who is behind it. Lisa has started her quilting blog while having a strong background in arts and education. The blog basically combines her two passions: quilting and teaching others.

119. Mary Emmens


Mary Emmens runs the blog that also carries her name. She is obviously a creator, as she enjoys various crafts, especially sewing and quilting. On her blog you will stumble upon a series of handmade projects and tutorials.

120. Sew Happy Geek


Jenn is the Sew Happy Geek, a mother, wife and imaginative crafter. Her blog is filled with wonderful ideas and unique projects that you will surely enjoy at least reading if not putting them into practice.

121. Rach Against The Sewing Machine


With a cute reference to the music band, Rach Against The Sewing Machine is a great blog if you are looking to get inspired. Rachel is a highly skilled crafter, being interested in Dressmaking, sewing, crochet, knitting and other fun similar activities.

122. Idle Fancy


Apart from being passionate about fashion and dressmaking, Mary is also a women’s health specialist who lives in Waco, Texas. She learned how to sew from her grandmother and she is now trying to pass on all that knowledge.

123. Sew In Love


Rin lives in Australia. She is a mother and a sewing enthusiast set on sharing her handmade ideas with her readers. She runs Sew in Love, a blog you too might fall in love with!

124. A Million Dresses


Sarah runs A Million Dresses, a blog which is focused not only on sharing interesting pattern designs for modern outfits, but on sharing loads of other ideas, including baking recipes. There’s certainly a lot to learn from Sarah, so keep an eye on her blog.

125. SkyTurtle


Ina is the person responsible for anything going on on the Sky Turtle. She is passionate about dressmaking, pattern design and sewing of all sorts, which is exactly what she shares on the blog through her sewing tutorials and DIY projects.


The thing is, just like with art and crafts, sewing, knitting and quilting, that when it comes to blogs and bloggers you just need to find the right fit for you and your style. The list above will hopefully give you an idea about the options you have to chose from.


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Hannah Stitch

Hannah is a crafts enthusiast with a passion for sewing and creating cool things. She has a huge interest in fashion and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.


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