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When it comes to sewing, anyone who has ever made a mistake or sewed a seam that was a bit out of place know exactly just how important it is to have not just a regular but the best seam ripper in your arsenal of sewing tools and notions. Although it is not necessarily a tool used for cutting fabric, it is as equally important as a high quality pair of scissors and it can certainly get you out of a lot of unpleasant situations in half the time it would take with other instruments. So here is a top 5 list of the best products of this kind that you can choose from.

Best Seam Ripper Comparison Table







Clover seam ripper

Lightweight Plastic

4.75 inch


Dritz deluxe seam ripper


5.5 inches


Dritz ergonomic large seam ripper


7.8 inches


Dritz ergonomic design large seam ripper


7.8 inches


Cool Kraft deluxe seam ripper combo

Hardened Steel

6 inches


Clover seam ripper

If you are passionate about sewing and have not yet heard about Clover products then you need to do some research and get your homework done, because this brand is probably one of the most reliable ones in the field.

They are known for manufacturing high quality products that are durable and that do their job.They are the best in rotary cutter manufacturing, seam rippers, scissors and so on. This seam ripper has a brown handle, light and easy to use. It works wonders on seams, on cutting threads and even on buttonholes. Given the fact that it is light, the product is easy to hold even for long periods of time

Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper

One of the other high quality sewing tools and notions manufacturers is Dritz. They are also known for making superior products that are used by tailors, quilters and sewers all over the world. This Dritz deluxe seam ripper is actually the best seam ripper for quilters.

It is ideal to remove and cut all unwanted stitches and given the fact that it is small, you can conveniently and comfortably undo stitches.The product is made out of hardened steel, which means that it is very durable and it will last a lifetime. One of the things I personally like about it is the fact that it comes with a plastic cap and a safety ball meant to protect the fabric.

Dritz Ergonomic Large Seam Ripper

This third seam ripper on the list is also manufactured by Dritz. The difference between this one and the previous product is the size and the handle. It can be used on larger stitches but it is equally effective on smaller ones as well.

The most impressive thing about this product, however, is the ergonomic handle which allows you to comfortably undo stitches for longer periods of time. It has a rounded design which makes it ideal for people with arthritis or those with carpal tunnel. Additionally, the blade is made so that it is permanently sharp, regardless of how much you use the product.

Dritz Ergonomic Design Large Seam Ripper

Yet another fantastic product in this category is the Dritz ergonomic design large seam ripper. It is fairly similar to the previous one. Its functions are basically the same but the design is different. This one is rounder and the handle allows for a soft finger grip.

This means that you no longer have to worry about the stress on your hand or about the fact that you have to strain your wrist in order to properly use this tool. One thing I have noticed about this product is that the end of the handle turns into a protective cap for the tip. This completely eliminates the risk of you losing it.

Cool Kraft Deluxe Seam Ripper Combo

One of the main reasons I have picked this product to be on the list is the fact that it is not only one seam ripper, but a combo of two with different sizes.

One is 5 and a half inches and the other one is 3 and a half inches. This means that you can use the big one on a regular basis and keep the small one in your to go sewing kit. Both of the seam rippers come with clear plastic caps for the tip and a safety ball to protect the fabric you are working with.


In conclusion, there is such a thing as a good and a bad seam ripper. I have actually come across seam rippers that broke in half while I was using them so you need high quality tolls and instruments in order to make high quality finished products. Having the best seam ripper in your sewing toolbox is really important, especially if you are focused on altering clothing or if you simply tend to make a lot of mistakes. In any case, the list above can act as a guide for you to know what to look for when purchasing such a tool.

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