Brother HC1850 Review

Brother-HC1850 review

Brother Industries has been around for quite some time and have an impressive tradition in manufacturing high quality products. They do not only specialize in manufacturing sewing machines, but they also produce desktop computers, multifunction printers, printers, label printers, large machine tools, fax machines, typewriters and many other electronics and electrical equipment.

The Japanese company has been on the market since 1908 and since then they have managed to become one of the most popular and reliable sewing machine manufacturers in the world. Although they do not solely deal with manufacturing sewing machines, their products have an exceptionally high quality and new models are always well – received by customers. Of course, it is quite complicated to decide what the best Brother sewing machine is, but this Brother HC1850 review will hopefully give you more details about this particular product of theirs and maybe even help you decide on what item to purchase.

What Makes A Sewing Machine Worth Purchasing?

Brother HC1850

Before going around through stores and before comparing different brands and models, you should first get your facts straight and make sure that you know what particular features to look for in a sewing machine. There are plenty sewing machines who have all the technical specifications that you need, but are still difficult to use and handle for some reason or another.

First of all, you should always look for a sewing machine that is portable, especially if you want to purchase one for home use. You should never underestimate just how important mobility is. Besides, being able to work wherever you want gives you a great advantage as you can get a lot more creative with your projects. If you are just now starting this hobby or activity you should know that owning a portable sewing machine will come in handy in the future.

One other detail you should look into, that is actually closely related to the first one is the weight of the sewing machine. If you are getting a portable one, it should definitely be light enough for you to carry without strain. Mobility is important, but easy handling is crucial when it comes to this sort of thing. You can read other Brother HC1850 reviews or even a Brother 1034d review and check out how light and easy to handle they are.

Product Overview

As promised, this Brother HC1850 review will give you more details about the product and maybe help you decide whether to purchase it or not. The first thing you should know about this item is that it is a computerized sewing and quilting machine.

It has 130 built – in stitches, including some pretty neat decorative stitches. This sewing machine also comes with eight one – step buttonhole and plenty of accessories for quilting such a spring action quilting foot and a detachable wide table.

On top of that the fact that it comes from one of the top sewing machine manufacturers gives you the guarantee of owning a high quality product that is durable and reliable. You get a 25 year warranty on it and free phone support.

Pros And Cons

A pros and cons list is always helpful when trying to decide whether or not to purchase a certain product. Here is what I have found about the Brother HC1850.


This sewing and quilting machine is certainly superior to similar ones available at the moment. There is no doubt that Brother Industries have high quality standards and this definitely shows in the way their products are built. The Brother HC1850 has plenty of functions and useful features both for sewing and quilting that even a professional will be able to appreciate.

This sewing machine is incredibly versatile, light and easy to carry around, which is a great advantage, regardless of your skill level.


The bad news is that the manufacturer does not recommend using this sewing machine in countries that do not support 120 V AC, even with a voltage adapter.

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