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Brother XR3774 Reviews

If you haven’t heard about Brother Industries up until now then you are surely quite inexperienced at least when it comes to sewing machines. They are one of the top companies in the field and have been around for decades. They first started the business in 1908 and have quickly become one of the most popular and well – received brand in the world.

If you read other product reviews you will understand just why their customers are always convinced they picked the best Brother sewing machine. If you are unsure what model to get then you might also want to check out multiple products and reviews just to make sure that you get a sewing machine that not only fits your needs, but exceeds your expectations as well.

This Brother XR3774 review will give you additional information on the product along with technical specifications and other similar details. You will be able to judge if it is suitable for the projects that you plan on completing. But before getting into that part of the review, you should first learn what makes a sewing machine great.

How To Recognize A Great Sewing Machine?

Brother XR3774 Full-Featured Sewing and Quilting Machine with 37 Stitches, 8 Sewing Feet, Wide Table, and Instructional DVD

It is no secret that virtually anyone can get their hands on any kind of product nowadays. Consumerism has pushed us to manufacture and to swallow up as many products, brands and models; a lot more than it’s actually needed.

The good thing about this is that you do not only have freedom of choice but you also have plenty of options to choose from. Of course, not all models and brands are equally effective and do the same high quality job. That is exactly why you should know how to set them apart and how to recognize a great sewing machine.

The first thing you should pay attention to is just how complicated it is to work with a certain product. I would never advise you to get a sewing machine that is way beyond or, better said, above your skill level. You can get one that is a bit more complicated than what you are used to, but you should never overestimate your abilities because you will get stuck with a product that you can’t use or you can’t properly take advantage of all its functions. The bottom line is to always get a sewing machine that you find easy to work with and easy to handle.

The second main feature that makes the difference between a great sewing machine and a regular one is, believe it or not, just how silent it is. Many people underestimate how important this is and they rarely realize that a noisy sewing machine can increase stress levels and drastically reduce productivity levels. You could even read another Brother XR3774 review or even a Brother JX2517 review and see how they compare.

Product Overview

The Brother XR3774 is certainly one of the best products in its category. Given the fact that it is manufactured by a top company in the filed it gives you the guarantee that you are purchasing a high quality product that will work in the most effective way possible. You do not run the risk of it getting damaged in time and you can certainly rely on it to complete whatever projects you wish.

This sewing machine features 37 built – in stitches, including quite an impressive number of decorative stitches, reaching a total of 74 stitch functions. This is the main reason why it is suitable to most users regardless of their skill level. Apart from this, the product also comes with a one – step buttonhole and eight sewing feet for zippers, button sewing, zigzag and blind stitches as well as for narrow hemmer, walking and quilting stitch.

Pros And Cons

The thing that will most likely help you out the most in reaching a decision is a pros and cons list, so here is what I have come up with.


Brother XR3774 review

The main positive feature of this sewing machine is the fact that it is quite versatile, but incredibly easy to use at the same time. It is not at all complicated to work on it and complete whatever projects you want. More than that, it is incredibly silent so you don’t have to worry about it bothering anyone, including yourself.


Although this is quite a versatile sewing machine for its category, I still believe that someone with a lot of experience might find it too basic and may need more variety in types of stitches and even buttonholes.


In conclusion, the Brother XR3774 is an ideal sewing machine for beginners. It is easy to use and reliable and I do recommend it to anyone who is interested in working on a simple, straightforward product.

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