6 Simple yet Elegant Cable Knit Headband Patterns

Cabled Knit Headband Pattern Instruction Image

Although the cable knit headband patterns appear to resemble the braided ones, their basic design is very different. This technique is mostly used for hand-made woolen accessories as they help in producing soft as well as fluffy fabrics. Below are several cabled headband patters which allow you to experiment with several color as well as stitch combinations. These combinations would definitely be very handy when you wish to produce unique headbands.

Cabled Knit Headband Pattern Instruction Image

Cabled Knit Headband Pattern

Chunky Headband Ear warmer Cable Knitting Pattern Images

Chunky Headband Ear Warmer Cable Knitting Pattern

Cable Knit Buttoned Headband Patterns Pictures

Cable Knit Buttoned Headband Patterns  

Free Cable Headband Knitting Pattern Picture

Cable Headband Knitting Pattern

Cable Rope Headband Knitting Pattern Photos

Cable Rope Headband Knitting Pattern 

Criss-Cross Cable Knit Headband Pattern Tutorial Photo

Criss-Cross Cable Knit Headband Pattern

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