10 Fox Scarf Knitting Patterns For The Foxy Inside You (With Tutorial)

Fox Scarf Knitting Pattern

Fox Scarf Knitting Patterns For Everyone

Fox Scarf Knitting Patterns can be super fun to make and to sport after the fact. Some might even say they make you look foxy (pun intended). Whether it's halloween, christmas or whenever you can always have a conversation starter with you by making one of these.

If you have kids they may become obsessed with foxes from the cuteness of these too. The patterns below are fairly easy. There is a mix of both crochet fox patterns and knitting fox patterns which either way will give you the opportunity to make something with either technique. If you do either crocheting or knitting and not both, here is a great opportunity to pick up and learn the other skills. You can even make one with each style and see what turned out better. 

There are plenty of courses out there, we also have some preferred sources where you can take an online crochet or knitting class

Check out the below patterns and get to crafting! 

Fox Scarf Knitting & Crochet Patterns

1. Fox Trot Knitting Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Fox Trot Knitting Pattern

2. Fox Scarf Stole Knitting Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

3. Knit Finley the fox pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

Knit Finley the fox pattern

4. Knit Fox Scarf Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

Knit Fox Scarf Pattern

5. Knitted Fox Scarf Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

knitted fox scarf pattern

Crochet Fox Scarf Patterns

6. Fox Scarf Crochet Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

Fo Scarf Crochet Pattern

7. Crocheted Fox Scarf Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Crocheted Fox Scarf Hat

8. Hooded Cowl Fox Scarf Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Hooded Cowl Fox Scarf Pattern

9. Crochet Fox Scarf Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Crochet Fox Scarf Pattern

10. Fox Pocket Scarf Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Crochet Fox Pocket Scarf Pattern

Fox Scarf Knitting Pattern Video Tutorial

Final Thoughts

What did you think of the fox scarf knitting patterns above? Did you manage to find one that excited you? I would love to hear if you got one and how you went about making it. Leave a comment below and tell me more!


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