How To Do a Split Stitch

slip stitch instructions

There are numerous types or kinds of stitching styles that are resorted to for creating the endless range of patterns and designs on different fabrics. Split stitch is one popular stitching or embroidery technique that comes in handy for making outlines or for fashioning patterns characterized by bright colours. The origins of the split method of stitching can be traced back to England during the medieval ages when the same came in handy for filling motifs and ornamental designs.

However with the passage of time, as weaving fabrics or textiles became the norm for producing garments, the popularity of embroidery waned. Consequently, laborious and elaborate sewing styles were replaced by quicker and cheaper needlework methods like straight, herringbone, cross or satin stitch.

Split Stitch Instructions

Step 1

As far as choosing a make of fabric with respect to accomplishing the split stitch is concerned, opt for cotton, muslin, linen or flour sack or any type of material with loose weaving. Pencil a long line on a fabric cutting or piece and make alphabetical markings on the line at least upto L in uppercase.

Step 2

After threading the string through the eye of the needle take the same underneath the fabric and bring it out via A. Thereafter, insert the needle through C skipping over B.

Step 3

Sew the needle towards the back and bring it out via B. Try to inch the needle in between the strands of the thread (for facilitating this step, take 6 filaments or fibres of the string and halve them before threading it through the needle’s eye) splitting the thread into two.

Step 4

Perforate the needle through D only to make it emerge up through C in between the split strands.

Step 5

You’ll have to continue stitching through the markings by following the above steps till you come to the last pencilled mark. Just take care to see that every time you stitch backwards, split or separate the yarn and insert the needle in the gaping to bring it up or out.

slip stitch step by step

The above mentioned 5 steps comprise the basic guidelines of split stitch. Once you master the steps, you’ll be able to make patterns or produce designs of your choice.


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