Learn How to Do Backstitch by Hand (4 Steps)

how to do a backstitch by hand

Learning how to do a backstitch can be highly beneficial for you no matter what level of sewist you are. The backstitch is a very versatile style of sewing or needlecraft that is heavily used for giving shapes to both simple and elaborate projects, filling out motif tracings, and so on. Patterns, decorations, and ornamentations done by hand on fabrics using this backstitch technique look as perfect as machine-embroidered designs (with a little practice of course). This form or type of stitching has many variants like ‘stem stitch’, ‘split stitch’, ‘Pekinese stitch’ and ‘basic backstitch’. If done with meticulous care, a back stitch pattern would appear as if it has been completed on a sewing machine.

How to do a backstitch step by step?

Step 1

To get started with backstitch, first make a single line pattern in the form of a wave or arch or any outline that you’d find convenient to sew. Thereafter, place the needle on the wrong or backside of the material just underneath from where the pattern begins. Stab the needle in the upwards direction via the material or fabric and then thrust the same downwards to complete sewing a single loop.

Step 2

Now, take the needle which is positioned on the wrong end, a little to the right of the first loop and jab the same up through the textile. This step pertaining to the backstitch is similar to the running type of needlework.

Step 3

In the third step, again plunge the needle down starting just from where the first loop ends. After you’re through, you’ll have created a second loop. This plunging down of the needle from the top after prodding the spike from beneath is defined as backstitch.

Step 4

In this step, you repeat step 2, which is again take the needle a tad away from the second loop towards the right and push it atop. Thereafter, go over what you did in step 3, and keep on going or repeating step 1 through 4 to complete outlining the pattern.

Knitting instructions backstitch

Backstitch Video Guide

The backstitch is a very refined and resourceful kind of needlework that’ll enable you to give a concrete shape to near endless types of patterns and ornamentations. You can sew or stitch for a lifetime with the help of only the backstitch.


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