How to make a Stem stitch?

How to work stem stitch

Stem-stitch, variously referred to as stalk or crewel stitch, is a very basic type of embroidery whose basics can be easily picked up by anyone starting out on stitching. In fact, beginners who’re interested in learning the ropes of needlecraft or sewing are first tutored on some fundamental stitching styles of which stem-stitch happens to be one such technique. More often than not, all needlework is regarded as stem or crewel stitch but surprisingly enough, such embroideries rarely incorporate the original style of stem-tapestry. The Stem stitch procedures have been elucidated in the following paragraph.        

How to work stem stitch

Stem Stitch instructions  

In order to progress smoothly from one step to another with regards to stem-stitch, first pencil a line having a bulging curve at the middle along the length of the fabric. Thereafter make alphabetical markings in uppercase letters and see to it that the letters are evenly spaced out. In other words, the gap or space between any two letters should be identical all throughout.

Step 1

Bring the thread out on top working from the backside of the material in a manner that the needle emerges out from the ‘A’ marking. Then, pierce the needle downwards through ‘B’. Now work the needle backwards so that it comes out from a point that is midway between ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Step 2

Now work the needle backwards so that it comes out from a point that is midway between ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Step 3

Next, you’ll be moving from left (i.e. from midpoint of A and B) to right and plod in through ‘C’ marking only to emerge at ‘B’.

Step 4

In this step, you again take the needle forward to ‘D’ marking, plunge in and take the same out at ‘C’.

Step 5

Repeat the steps 1 through 4 going forward at one step and backward in the next. You’ll need to follow this process until you come to the end of the line.

How to do stem stitch step by step

Keep note of the fact that the singular attribute of stem stitch involves making the needle pierce out at the top of every prior marking as you move from left towards right. In case you work the other way round, i.e. go from the fabric side facing you the needle comes out on right end of every previous stitch.

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