Revealing Janome 8002D Serger Review For An Undecided Buyer

janome 8002d serger review

In this Janome 8002D serger review, we will make you familiar with this economical model and reveal all of its assets, strengths, and weaknesses. While seasoned seamstresses probably won't find it appealing, since this model offers only the basic functions, total beginners will like its simplicity and ease of use.

Janome is a Japanese corporation with factories and stores in numerous countries around the globe. Started in 1935, they were soon recognized as a quality manufacturer of sewing machines and related equipment and have held their status ever since.

In the 2000s, they took over Elna, which was also a sewing machine company. Some Elna models still have their original name, but they are now produced in Janome factories.

Criteria for a Great Serger / Overlocker

Janome 8002D Serger

Nowadays, the market for pretty much any kind of machine is saturated with dozens of known and unknown brands. Sergers are no exception. There are so many of them available on the market, you can easily get lost in it if this is your first time buying a serger.

For most people, the price is one of the main factors. The prices of sergers range from $150 to a few thousand dollars. That's a huge range to cover and can be hard to determine how much money can get you a decent serger that has everything you want.

If you never owned a serger before, you should stick to entry-level models from respectable brands. They are usually around $200-300 and have a couple of essential features and are able to create all the necessary serger stitches. For a beginner, they are probably the best option as they won't overwhelm you with numerous functions and they tend to be user-friendly.

More advanced sergers should be bought only by experienced seamstresses who already outgrew the basic models and know exactly what their new serger should have. If you buy a serger that is way above your level of understanding, be prepared spend hours and hours on learning how to operate it.

It's not impossible to master an advanced serger, but it certainly requires lots of time and patience and is likely to cause you a massive amount of frustrations, which can be avoided if you buy a serger suited to your abilities. Instructions that come with advanced sergers are often incomplete and confusing, and rarely cover every single part of the machine, so don't rely on them and think that they will fill in the gaps.

Product Overview

This model currently costs $249 and will best be utilized by beginner seamstresses who are just entering the world of serging. It has all the essential features, with many functions that can be adjusted just to your liking. It's a great choice if you want your serger to be light and space-efficient.

Some of its features are:

  • 3-4 stitching capability

  • Rolled hem included

  • Adjustable cutting width

  • Adjustable differential feed

  • Removable knife


janome 8002d serger review

You can adjust almost anything on this serger by a simple turning of a dial. Cutting width can be changed from 3.1mm to 7mm, the differential feed can be adjusted to prevent bunching or stretching the materials and ranges from 0.5 to 2.25, while the knife can easily be removed when it's not needed.

When you compare Janome 8002d vs brother 1034D, which is the most popular serger on the market, you will see that the adjustment possibilities are almost the same, which is a great compliment for Janome's model.

Switching to rolled hem from serging and vice versa is simple and doesn't require you to remove a needle plate, which is not a case with every serger.

The maximum speed is 1300 stitches per minute, which is a regular speed for this price range and enough for most projects.


It has only one, all-purpose foot, which is okay for new users, so they don't get overwhelmed, but if you compare Janome 8002D vs 8002DX, which is a similar machine and in the same price range, you will see that the 8002DX model comes with several extra feet and attachments which could come in handy for more experienced users.


This is one of the most affordable sergers on the market, and as such is mostly suited for complete beginners or for users who need some basic stuff done with a serger and want to spend as little money as possible. Its features are pretty much standard for this price range. And while it doesn't stand out with anything extraordinary, it is a simple and reliable machine, as long as you use it for what is intended for.

Experienced seamstresses who want a powerful machine and plan to use if for big, demanding projects, should be prepared to spend more money and buy a more advanced model.

We hope this Janome 8002D serger review let you find out everything you wanted about this model.

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