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Janome DC5100

Janome is probably one of the world’s most popular and, quite frankly, one of the best sewing machine manufacturers at the moment. The fact that they have been in this business since 1921 is the best guarantee their customers could get. Buying a Janome product basically means that you have made a smart choice and a good investment.

It is no secret that their sewing machines have the highest quality and are probably among the sturdiest and durable on the market. This review will focus on the DC 5100 model but I strongly advise that you read other reviews for Janome sewing machine and similar products so that you can get a better picture of how great they actually are.

This Janome DC 5100 review will tell you everything you need to know about the product and maybe it will help you decide on whether or not it has all the right features that you need and are looking for.

So What Does A Great Sewing Machine Have?

Janome DC5100 Computerized Sewing Machine

Before getting into any technical specifications and other details, you should know that in order to pick a great sewing machine, you need to find one that has certain features which set it apart from other similar products. So this is not just a simple Janome DC 5100 review, but more like a tutorial on how to find an exceptional sewing machine.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the brand of the sewing machine you intend on buying. Make sure to get a product that was manufactured by a well – respected company that has experience in the field. In my opinion, off brands and no – name products are just indicators of poor quality.

The second feature a great sewing machine should have is quietness. Most sewing machine users do not seem to give this enough credit, but I think it is one of those details that can make a difference. I can say, without a shred of a doubt that working on a silent sewing machine is far better than having to deal with one that makes a lot of noise.

You could read other Janome DC 5100 reviews or even a Janome DC 2014 review and see that each and every one of them mentions this quality which is somewhat essential.

Product Overview

Apart from being very silent and manufactured by a top brand, the DC 5100 also comes with a bonus pack of accessories. This bonus pack includes anything and everything sewing machine – related that you could, at some point, use in your projects. This is a great advantage because it does not require you running around buying everything that you need separately.

Now, getting back to the technical specifications, the DC 5100 is a computerized sewing machine. As opposed to previous Janome models, it comes with a much bigger backlit LCD screen and a touchpad that ensures an easier navigation. It can memorize up to 50 patterns and has a superior feed system.

Additionally, this sewing machine has a built-in needle threader and automatic thread tension control. It is ideal for many types of projects, from garment sewing, home décor, quilting and even scrapbooking.

Pros And Cons

Here is a pros and cons list that might give you a better perspective on things and might make this Janome DC 5100 review more useful to you.


Janome dc5100 review

I particularly like this product because it is computerized and works with great precision. It includes all the necessary accessories for you to take on various projects as soon as you get it. On top of that, it is very silent and easy to work with, not mention light!

The fact that it has 167 built – in stitches makes this sewing machine a very versatile product that you can count on in various situations. It is precisely this variety and versatility that this product is ideal for experienced persons and professionals who know their way around a sewing machine.


The only disadvantage that I could find for this product is the fact that beginners might find it very difficult to use. The touchpad and backlit LCD screen is far from being self – explanatory and that is precisely why this product should be avoided by newbies unless they have someone willing to explain everything.


The bottom line here is that the DC 5100 model from Janome is obviously superior to other similar products on the market. It has all the right features and specifications of an amazing sewing machine and I would recommend it to any experienced sewer and professional!

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