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Janome HD1000 Review

Experienced sewers have probably already heard about Janome and know that they are one of the best sewing machine manufactures at the moment. They first started producing sewing machines back in 1921 and they have quite the tradition for manufacturing high quality products. The Japan – based company is actually very popular across the world and is well – known for coming up with durable products.

This Janome HD 1000 review will hopefully help you decide on whether or not this particular model produced by them is what you are looking for in terms of sewing machines. You could, of course, read other reviews for Janome sewing machine and other similar products that they manufacture just to make sure that the quality they provide is at the same level of the quality that you are looking for.

Criteria For A Great Sewing Machine

Janome HD1000

When talking about sewing machines, there are certain features that differentiate similar products from one another. For instance, if you read other Janome HD 1000 reviews and compare them with a Janome 2212 review you might not notice many differences.

However, if you take two different brands you will certainly start seeing a lot of different features. What you can take from this is that when picking a new sewing machine, or any other product for that matter, brand is highly important. Of course, off brands and no name products might be cheaper, but their quality is also questionable at best.

One other feature that I consider to be very important when it comes to sewing machines is their lightness. This is often ignored and people who buy sewing machines for home use never take into account the fact that they might, at some point, need to change their working space and carry the sewing machine around.

My advice to you would be to always go for the lightest product you can find. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a situation where you are forced to always work in the same room because you are unable to move the sewing machine.

One other characteristic that I noticed in another Janome HD 1000 review was the level of noise made by the sewing machine. Only after reading the review did I realize just how important this is. Working with a noisy sewing machine can certainly ruin the whole thing for you, no matter how experienced you are.

Product Overview

The first and most important thing I can say about the HD 1000 model is that, when compared to similar products, it is certainly superior. This is mainly due to the reliable brand it was manufactured by, but also to its technical specifications.

The manufacturer calls it a heavy – duty sewing machine, which means that it is a bit more advanced than previous models. In other words, this is suitable for people with a bit more experience and know how when it comes to sewing machines.

It has 14 build – in stitches which include stretch stitches, utility stitches and a four step, easy to use buttonhole. The sewing machine also comes with plenty of accessories, anything from screwdrivers, extra needles, hammer foot, a soft cover and many other useful items.

Additionally, this product has an automatic built – in needle threader and a free arm which is great for sewing pants, collars and cuffs.

Pros And Cons

This is the part of our Janome HD 1000 review where you find out what are the strong and the weak points of this product.


janome hd1000 review

The first thing you will notice about this sewing machine is the fact that it is made to last. It is a very sturdy sewing machine that will definitely not let you down. Apart from that, it is light and silent, which are very important features for products of this kind.

More than that, this HD 1000 sewing machine has 14 built-in stitches and it comes with a very wide range of accessories that you will most definitely find useful, especially if you usually take on different types of projects.


Although this is a great high quality product, beginners might not find it very easy to work with. It does require a previous experience and an advanced skillset.


All in all, the Janome HD 1000 is a remarkable product and any experienced tailor and sewer should be thrilled to own it. I exclusively recommend it to someone who knows their way around a sewing machine. It might also be suitable for beginners as long as they have the patience to learn or a tutor to give them a few pointers!

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