Juki HZL F300 Review Tells You All About This Product!

juki hzl f300 review

Juki has been on the sewing machine market for quite some time and experienced sewers have certainly hear about them or owned at least one of their products over the years. They initially started with manufacturing industrial sewing machines and this is one of the main reasons why they are so popular and respected.

The high quality of the sewing machines that they produced is something that their customers will always appreciate and look forward to. This Juki hzl F300 review is basically an analysis of one of their most popular products that hit the shelves a while back. Perhaps this Juki F300 review will help you decide if this product is worth purchasing or not. But first, you need to learn how to pick a great sewing machine.

What Makes A Sewing Machine Great?

juki hzl f300 review

There are a few features that are desirable to any product, regardless if it is a vehicle, a tool or an accessory. We all want the things we get to be durable, sturdy and to last as long as possible without breaking or having to be replaced. The same thing obviously goes for sewing machines.

A durable one that rarely, if ever, breaks is ideal. There are a few brands that make durable and sturdy sewing machines and Juki is definitely one of them. All reviews that I have read about Juki sewing machine products can’t seem to find enough words to praise the manufacturer for the high quality of their sewing machines.

Apart from being sturdy, sewing machines also need to be easy to handle and easy to work with. In my opinion, portable sewing machines are ideal because they give you the opportunity to change your working space and take your projects with you everywhere you go.

This is only a personal choice, however, but it does not change the fact that high quality sewing machines should be light, easy to carry around and easy to install. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a situation where it takes you longer to assemble the sewing machine than to actually work on it.

Last, but not least, a superior sewing machine is never louder than a cats purr. If you are a cat person you certainly know what I’m talking about. Working for a long time with a noisy sewing machine will become highly stressful and very annoying. In order to avoid that, you should always look for a sewing machine that is silent and does not bother anyone.

Product Overview

This Juki hzl F300 review will now tell you exactly what are the features this product has and how useful they could be for you. First of all, as opposed to other Juki sewing machines the F300 has a digital display that comes in very handy when picking stitch patterns. For instance, any Juki hzl k65 review you read will tell you that particular sewing machine, although computer controlled like this one, does not have a digital display.

Apart from that, the F300 is suitable for quilting as well as for sewing and it comes with no less that 106 stitch patterns and 3 fonts. It has 16 automatic buttonholes that are sensor controlled and automatic thread cutting.

Additionally, this sewing machine is incredibly sturdy, durable and surprisingly light. It meets all the criteria of high quality sewing machines, including the fact that it is very silent.

Pros And Cons

Of course, no Juki hzl F300 review would be complete without a pros and cons list. Besides, this will probably be quite useful if you are comparing it to other similar products.


JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing and Quilting Machine.

One of the best things about this sewing machine is the high number of stitch patterns. Most sewing machines do not have that and it is a great advantage for any sewer. Moreover, the digital display is a very nice touch and it shows that nowadays there is nothing wrong in having hi-tech sewing machines. I also like this product because it is lightweight and easy to handle, not to mention the fact that it makes sewing a piece of cake.


Although I have mentioned the digital display in the pros list as well, I feel that I need to also add it to the cons. As it turns out not everybody is computer savvy or technologically inclined, do that digital display may have turned a seemingly simple machine in an unnecessarily complicated computer.


The bottom line here is that the Juki F300 is a superior product and it competes with sewing machines from much popular brands. It is obviously sturdy and durable which makes it suitable for anyone who spends a lot of time sewing. I recommend it to anyone who has never tried out a Juki before!

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