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Knit Afghan Patterns For You To Get Cozy With

Knit afghan patterns are a great way to get you ahead of the game when it comes to making the perfect afghan for any room. There are even some afghan knitting kits that make it even easier providing you everything you need. Personally I think you can do it without the kit if you already have all the supplies laying around at home. However if you are just looking to have it all in front of you, knowing you won't run out of supplies the kit is the solution.

Afghan knitting patterns can be used to make an afghan for pretty much every room in your house, including bed spreads, for the sofa, or for the bench on your porch where you sit to watch the rain.

Check out the afghan patterns below to find your favorite. If you want to pick up one of the patterns just click the title above the picture.​

Knit Afghan Patterns

1. Tree of Life Afghan Knit Blanket (Kit)

Difficulty: Advanced

tree of life afghan knit blanket kit

2. Cromwell Court Afghan Knitting Kit

Difficulty: Beginner

cromwell court afghan knit blanket kit

3. Bird Song Afghan Knitting Kit

Difficulty: Intermediate

bird song afghan knitting kit

4. Team Spirit Afghan Knitting Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

team spirit afghan

5. Dancing Cable Afghan Knit Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

dancing cable afghan knitting kit

6. Celtic Aran Cable Knit Afghan Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

celtic aran cable knit afghan

7. Knitted Songbird Afghan Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

knitted songbird afghan

8. Reversible Afghan Knit Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

reversible afghan to knit

9. Country Nights Knit Afghan Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

country nights afghan

10. Irish Chain Afghan Knitting Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

irish chain afghan

11. Blackberry Cables Knit Afghan Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

blackberry Cables afghan

12. Leaf Blanket Afghan Knitting Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

leaf blanket afghan

13. Log Cabin Knit Afghan Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

log cabin afghan

14. Grandmas Heirloom Knit Afghan Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

grandmas heirloom aran afghan

15. Irish Wedding Aran Afghan Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

irish wedding aran afghan

16. Domino Squares Afghan Knitting Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

domino squares afghan

17. Newly Wed Afghan Knitting Patterns

Difficulty: Beginner

Final Thoughts

Did you manage to pick out a favorite from all the knit afghan patterns above? My personal favorite is the tree of life afghan pattern which conveniently comes in a kit. I really enjoy the texture and raised areas on the blanket. Nothing like having a hint of nature in your living room or wherever you choose to use it. Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.


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