8 Charming Knit Mug Cozy Patterns for You

Knit Mug Cozy Patterns

Knit Mug Cosy Patterns

Go to work in style by creating one of these cool knit mug cozy patterns when you feel like being crafty. You can pick up these patterns on the cheap if you click on the links at the top of each picture. 

1. Owl Coffee Tea Mug Cozy

Difficulty: Intermediate

owl coffee tea mug cozy

This owl mug pattern is one of my personal favorites. 

2. Braided Knit Mug Cozy

Difficulty: Beginner

braided mug cozy

Nothing like a matching set of mugs!

3. Knitted Frosty Mug Cozy

Difficulty: Intermediate


Maybe there is a pattern with Frosty the snowman? That could be something cool to make!

4. Knit Mug Cozy (No longer available)

Difficulty: Beginner

mug cosy

Everyone loves a good emoji, and with these patterns you can add them to your cup cozy too.

5. Knitted Heart Mug Cozy

Difficulty: Beginner

heart mug cosy

This heart shape looks a little aggressive, but I am sure yours will come out much happier looking.

6. Knitted Cable Mug & Knitted Cafeteria Cosy

Difficulty: Beginner

cable mug cafeteria cosy

For you coffee lovers out there, this is the perfect combination.

7. Big Hug Mug

Difficulty: Beginner

big hug mug

Everyone needs a good hug, so why not start your day with one every morning.

8. Mug Cozy & Knitted Bookmark (No longer available)

Difficulty: Beginner

mug cosy bookmark

Nothing like a good drink and keeping your place in your book when you spill it all over yourself.  Kidding...that only happens to me when the dog jumps on me.

Final Thoughts

What did you guys think of these nifty knit mug cozies? Pretty cool right? I loved making some of them and giving them away as gifts. They make the prefect gift for anyone in winter or even if you just want to give someone something you made. Let us know what you thought in the comments 🙂


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