Knit Shrug Patterns

Knit Shrug Patterns That Will Make You Shine!

Knit Shrug Patterns are the perfect accessory for any outfit! They are great at keeping you warm or helping when you have those low cut tops on that might need a bit of help hiding the goods. These shrug patterns are for pretty much everyone. A few are for intermediate users, but I am a firm believer in setting your goals high because you will learn a little faster than if you started slowly. 

You can prepare these shrugs using easy stitches like that of moss or stockinette with additional stylization that include colorful buttons, trimmings and borders. Experienced knitters can try patterns like collared and lacey for making excellent knitted accessories and clothes. But it involves a lot of hard work and it will be better to consult any experienced tailor before trying this designer pattern.

Anyways, without further adieu, check out the patterns below!

Knit Shrug Patterns

1. Wrap Around Shrug

Difficulty: Beginner

Wrap Around Shrug

2. Easy Weekend Shrug Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

easy weekend shrug

3. Aran Shrug Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

aran shrug

4. Rib N Shrug

Difficulty: Beginner

rib ns hrug

5. Sweet Tea Shrug Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

sweet tea shrug

6. Nottingham Shrug Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

nottingham shrug

7. Lacy Shrug Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Lacy Shrug Pattern

8. Girls Shrug Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Girls Shrug Pattern

9. Lace Shrug Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

Lace Shrug Pattern

10. Whirligig Shrug Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

Whirligig Shrug Pattern

11. Marian Shrug Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Marian Shrug Pattern

12. Shrug Wrap & Scarf Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Shrug wrap and scarf pattern

13. Lisbon Shrug Knitting Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

Lisbon Shrug Knitting Pattern

14. Chunky Seed Stitch Shrug Knitting Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Chunky Seed Stitch Shrug Knitting Pattern

15. Saragota Shrug Knitting Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

Saragota Shrug Knitting Pattern

16. Girls Bolero Shrug Summer Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Girls Bolero Shrug Summer Pattern

17. Hamlin Shrug Knitting Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Hamlin Shrug Pattern

18. Bougainvillea Lace Shrug Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Bougainvillea Lace Shrug Pattern

19. Twist Front Shrug Knitting Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

Twist Front Shrug Knitting Pattern

Final Thoughts

How did you like these knit shrug patterns? Did they inspire you? I really love these designs, they are all so good. My personal favorite has to be the Twist Front Shrug Pattern. Of course you can change the color to anything you want, but I think the style is just adorable. Tell me what you think below in the comments. I want to hear what your favorite is or if you found something we should include in the list. 


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