Knitted Pillow Patterns

Knitted Pillow Patterns For A More Homey Home

Knitted Pillow Patterns, there are a ton of them. We have gone through and gathered up some of the most inspiring ones we could find for you. I believe that these pillow patterns are going to get your mind thinking about all kinds of different things you could make.

My personal favorites are the happy monster pattern and the knitted owl pillow with the crazy eyes. They are great for the kiddos and if you don't have those a good conversation starter for guests that come over.

Have a look below and if you want to pick up one of the patterns just click the link above the picture.​

Knitted Pillow Patterns

1. Knit Pillow Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

knit pillow pattern

2. Tree Of Life Knit Pillow

Difficulty: Intermediate

tree of life knitted pillow cover pattern

3. Diamonds Cable Knit Pillow Cover

Difficulty: Advanced

diamonds and cables knit pillow cover

4. Simple Squares Knit Pillow

Difficulty: Beginner

simple squares knit pillow cover

5. Faire Isle Knit Pillow

Difficulty: Beginner

fair isle knit pillow

6 Owl Knit Pillow

Difficulty: Beginner

knitted owl pillow

7. Garter Stitch Chevron Knit Pillow

Difficulty: Beginner

garter stitch chevron knitted pillow

8 Irene Adler Knit Pillow Cover

Difficulty: Intermediate

irene adler knit pillow

9. Stags Head Knit Pillow Cover

Difficulty: Beginner

stags head knit pillow

10. Knit Malvern Spa Pillow (With Mit)

Difficulty: Beginner

knit malvern spa pillow and mitt

11. Knit Poinsettia Pillow Cover

Difficulty: Intermediate

poinsettia knitted pillow cover

12. Knit Owl Pillow Cover

Difficulty: Beginner

knit owl pillow

13. Knit American Flag Pillow Cover

Difficulty: Beginner

american flag knitted pillow cover

14. Kilgore Knitted Pillow Cover

Difficulty: Beginner

kilgore knit pillow

15. Cherry Knitted Pillow Cover

Difficulty: Beginner

cherry picks knit pillow

16. Happy Monster Pillow Buddy

Difficulty: Intermediate

happy monster knitted pillow buddy

17. Velociraptor Knitted Dinosaur Pillow Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

Velociraptor Knitted Dinosaur Pillow Pattern

18. Derwent Cove Knit Cushion

Difficulty: Beginner

Derwent Cove Knitted Pillow Pattern

19. Knitted Heart Pillow Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

Heart knit pillow pattern

Final Thoughts

What did you think of all the knitted pillow patterns? Did you like them? Which one was your favorite? Personally I am always a sucker for the unique and goofy ones like the owl and monster, but I really just like anything that involves creativity. I would love to hear from you, so don't be shy and leave a comment. 


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