Knitting vs Crocheting

Knitting Vs Crocheting - What's The Difference? 

Knitting vs Crocheting is something people continually have a dilemma over in understanding which is which. I am about to unveil all of the mysteries surrounding these two very similar hobbies. Knitting and crocheting are both about taking a ball of yarn and turning it into something amazing, like a scarf, a blanket, a knitting bag, or a sweater.

Knitting Vs Crocheting

There are two main differences between these two styles of handling yarn. The first difference is the way in which the yarn is looped in the sense that knitting is similar to stitching and crocheting is basically knotting the yarn.

The second main difference between knitting and crochet are the tools used for each one. Crocheting is a lot less demanding in terms of tools and there actually is a limit to the number of accessories you can buy. On the other hand, knitting requires a set of long needles to make the loops, needles that can widely vary in size, depending on the project.

However, regardless if you are into knitting or crocheting, you should always have the appropriate high quality tools. Keep on reading to find out what these tools are.

Different types of tools

We can not talk about the difference between knitting and crocheting without taking into account the different tools required for each of them. However, given the fact that there is an overwhelming number of accessories, I will stick to describing the main types of hooks and knitting needles sets you might need.

Crochet Hooks

Crochet hooks vary in length, circumference and diameter. This is basically what makes the difference in the final product that you are making. Given the fact that crochet hooks are interchangeable this makes them a bit more efficient and more versatile. I always recommend purchasing crochet kits or sets, because they usually have enough hooks to satisfy the needs or every crocheting enthusiast, regardless if you are a beginner or slightly more experienced.

Crochet Hooks

What I can tell you for certain is the fact that the material the hooks are made of is very important. This does not necessarily influence the way in which the final product will look, but it can surely make a difference when it comes to your comfort. Having to crochet with a heavier hook can quickly turn from a pleasurable activity into an uncomfortable experience. This is exactly why you should always look for crochet hooks with comfortable handles!

Knitting needles

If crocheting tools are pretty straightforward and easy to use regardless of the project you have taken on, knitting tools are a bit more complicated. The thing with knitting needles is that you might end up purchasing a set every time you start a new project. In my opinion this is the greatest disadvantage that knitting has, especially when compared to crocheting.

However, just like with the crochet tools, knitting needles also vary in length, circumference and diameter. There are so many types of needles that it can sometimes become overwhelming to pick the right product. There are straight needles, circular needles, double pointed needles and interchangeable needles that can be made out of plastic, aluminum, wood or a wide range of other materials.

When it comes to knitting, the most important thing is to decide on a project and choose your tools accordingly. It might seem complicated, but you will certainly get the hang of it at some point.


This is a new and, in my opinion, quite a revolutionary product that was recently released on the market. It is basically a crochet hook that has a loop at the end, where you can attach a wire. This means that it can turn from a crochet hook to a knitting needle, which makes it highly versatile and easy to use regardless of your preferred technique of handling yarn.


I believe this product to be unbelievably useful, especially for people who are not only passionate about knitting but about crocheting as well. It is usually made out of wood and it obviously comes in different shapes and sizes. I particularly like these products because they are light and can be handled easily.

However, it might be difficult to get used to it if you are used only to knitting or only with crocheting. On the plus side, it is ideal if you are trying to broaden your skillset and learn something new!

Different Brands For Knitting And Crocheting Tools

It is obvious to talk about brands in the knitting vs crocheting discussion. Of course, like in many other departments, there are a lot of brands and products to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of these brands have high quality products and not all of these products are worth spending your money on. After doing some research, I have managed to find out what are the best brands for knitting and crocheting tools.

Susan Bates

Susan Bates is not only the most popular brand when it comes to knitting and crocheting tools, but the one with the best reviews and products as well. The great thing about this company is the fact that it does not only specialize in producing a single product, but a wide variety of knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery and even quilting.

They have an impressive range of accessories and anything even remotely related to the arts and crafts department. As it turns out, this is one of the top rated companies in the field. They are capable of manufacturing high quality and innovative products that customers always appreciate. And when it comes to customer appreciation, you should know that Susan Bates has the most positive reviews especially when compared to other manufacturers.

I highly recommend this brand mainly because it specializes in manufacturing high quality products that last and are easy to use.


The Addi brand is well known among knitters all over the world. It is a German company that exclusively specializes in manufacturing knitting needles, Knitting machines and other accessories. The fact that it is only focused on producing knitting supplies is an indicator of just how high the quality of their products really is. More than that, I guess we all know that Germans are famous for their precision and for the fact that they never skip any steps when doing something.

Just like the Susan Bates brand, Addi’s products are also incredibly praised all over the internet. Apart from the obvious high quality of the knitting needles and accessories, their customers are also very pleased with the large variety of products that this brand has to offer, especially since knitting enthusiasts can never have enough needles.

If you are looking for great knitting supplies like Lace Needles then Addi might be the brand you have been looking for.

Features that you should consider when purchasing knitting or crocheting supplies

Knitting vs crocheting is, as I have mentioned before, a lot about the difference in tools and how they are used. Here are only a few things that you definitely should consider when buying knitting or crocheting supplies and tools, especially when it comes to hooks and needles.


The size of the crochet hooks and the knitting needles is the one that decides how your final project will look like. When I say size, I mean both length and circumference. Longer knitting needles, for example, are usually used on larger projects, such as knitting afghan blankets, sweaters and other similar things. On the other hand, short knitting needles can be used on smaller things such as socks, scarfs or sleeves.


When picking crocheting and knitting tools, you also need to consider the material they are made of because the material is a decisive factor in the quality of the product. For instance, when picking wooden  needles and hooks you need to be careful, because any splinter or imperfection might become an issue later on. You should always aim to get high quality products. Try to choose light but durable materials both for hooks and needles. There are many Knitting books available which helps to buy the right knitting supplies.

How comfortable they are

If knitting and crocheting takes up a lot of your time then you should certainly take into account just how comfortable the tools you are purchasing are going to be. Keep in mind to always choose light products that will not put a strain on your wrists. More than that, when choosing crochet hooks, make sure that they have soft handles. Avoid purchasing heavy tools or needles that will become uncomfortable after prolonged knitting sessions.


Now that you know what knitting vs crocheting is you can sleep easy at night. Kidding, but at least you won't be wondering anymore. So the question that lies ahead is which hobby are you going to take up? Knitting or Crocheting? Personally I think both are great and you can use the skills you learn in both. Check out some of the knitting and crochet patterns posts we have for some inspiration. Tell us more in the comments 🙂

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