12 Dashing Mens Knit Scarf Patterns You Can Create Today

Mens knit Scarf Paterns

If you were searching for some awesome mens knit scarf patterns, boy are you in for a treat. Below we have 12 of the coolest knitting patterns for mens scarves. Whether you are going to be knitting these for yourself or creating them as a gift, we think you will feel pretty awesome once you finish your project. If you are new to knitting and need some tips, check out our buyers guide on the best knitting needles, how to choose the best yarn for arm knitting, and what the difference is between crocheting and knitting.

Alright, now on to what you came for 🙂

Mens Knit Scarf Patterns You Can Create Today!

1. Lofty Ambitions Scarf

Difficulty: Beginner

Lofty Ambitions Scarf

2. Rambler's Scarf

Difficulty: Beginner

Ramblers Scarf

3. Beckenham Mens Scarf - Reversible Design 

Difficulty: Beginner

beckenham scarf

4. Men's Scarf "Alex"

Difficulty: Beginner

mens scarf alex

5. BlueGrill Scarf

Difficulty: Intermediate

blue Grill Scarf

6. Zig-Zag Eyelet Scarf for Men

Difficulty: Beginner

zig zag eyelet scarf

7. Diamonds & Ladders Mens Scarf

Difficulty: Intermediate


8. Martin Cables Mens Scarf

Difficulty: Intermediate

Mens Knitted Cable Scarf Knitting Pattern

9. Sweet Williams Scarf Pattern for Men

Difficulty: Intermediate

Sweet Williams Scarf

10. Tussis Mens Scarf Pattern

Difficulty: Intermediate

Tussis Scarf

11. Stormy Billos Scarf Pattern

Difficulty: Beginner

Stormy Billows

12. 9 Mens Scarf Patterns for Cheap

Difficulty: Beginner

9 Scarf Patterns

Final Thoughts

We hope that you liked these cool ideas for mens scarf knitting patterns and are feeling inspired. Let us know what you thought in the comments and if you managed to make something cool or have some other suggestions for more great patterns let us know too!


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