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mini sewing machine reviews

Sewing machines come in handy in every household. There are always pieces of clothes that need some sort of repair or improvement. But full-size sewing machines can cost a lot of money and have a difficult learning curve. They are heavy and tend to use a lot of space.

If you just want to do simple repair jobs, compact sewing machines could be just what you need. They are much more affordable than full-size machines, take up very little space and can be easily transported to anywhere you need. Most of them are easy to use and even a complete beginner can master them in no time.

The following compact sewing machine reviews will help you to find the best compact sewing machine for you.

Best Mini Sewing Machine Review Comparison Table


Built in Stiches





Janome Fastlane Basic


5 lbs

25 Year



Janome Sew Mini


5 lbs

25 Year



Michley SS-700


7.25 lbs

1 Year



Janome Hello Kitty KT-W


4.5 lbs

25 Year



Janome Beach Sew Mini


5 lbs

25 Year



1. Janome Fastlane Basic

Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic

Janome is a respectable Japanese company specialized in producing sewing machines and various sewing equipment. Their machines range from simple ones for kids to professional ones for serious tailors. They are present in over 100 countries around the world.

This Janome's model is the most popular on the market. It offers 10 built-in stitches and it's perfect for beginners and advanced users alike. It weighs only 5 pounds and takes up very little space.

Two different needle positions, free arm, and a drop-in bobbin offer lots of freedom and capability, while diagrams and thorough manuals are there to assist you with everything you are not familiar with. This is probably the best model in these mini sewing machine reviews.

2. Janome Sew Mini

Janome Sew Mini

Janome Sew Mini comes with most of the features of a full-size model, but naturally, not with all of them. For most of your needs, it will be more than suitable. It comes with a bobbin already placed in the machine and two extra bobbins, and a needle in the machine with two extra needles.

Several different stitch patterns are available. It doesn't come with any kind of thread so you have to buy it separately.

Janome Sew Mini is the most expensive in these mini sewing machine reviews, but it's of very high quality as it's made from the same parts and materials as Janome's professional and much more expensive models.

3. Michley SS-700

Michley SS-700

Michley SS-700 offers 12 different stitch patterns and a built-in thread cutter for more convenient sewing. Even though it's small, it can easily sew through most fabrics, and repair even denim. But for creating entire pieces of clothes, you should stick with cotton and other light materials as it's just not strong enough to go through several layers of denim.

Costing only $71, it's very affordable. It's beginner friendly as well as it's not too complicated. Detailed instructions are provided for everything you might not understand. It's very light and can be easily transported anywhere you need.

4. Janome Hello Kitty KT-W

Janome [Hello Kitty] compact

This model's most notable feature is certainly its "Hello Kitty" design. Even though this makes it look like a toy, it's more than capable of performing repairs of any kind. It offers eight different stitches (five straight and three zig-zags) to accommodate most of your needs. It's not a heavy-duty machine, which means it's not suitable for thick materials such as denim, but for lighter materials it will do just fine.

It weighs less than 5 pounds (2.2 kg) which makes it the lightest sewing machine in this review. Suitable for kids and grownups alike, this sewing machine is great for people who are looking for something simple, yet efficient.

5. Janome Beach Sew Mini

Janome Beach Sew Mini

Janome Beach Sew Mini offers eight different stitches (five straight and three zig-zags) which is enough to do small repairs or art projects.

It's not meant for any serious work like creating your own clothes and it's definitely not strong enough to thick materials. But it's great if you are just starting to sew or need to carry it around with you. It weighs only 5 pounds so it's perfect for transportation.

It works great on cotton or polyester but should not be used on denim or similar thick materials. It's not the best model in this review but it does a fine job, especially considering its very affordable price of only $69.


The best small sewing machine reviews are the ones that clearly and concisely introduce you to mini sewing machines and offer you everything you need to know about them. In this review, we introduced you to five great models.

As you can see, most of the article involves Janome mini sewing machine reviews, which is no wonder, as Janome is the way to go if you want the best small sewing machine for yourself.

If you want the best of the best, Janome Fastlane should be your pick as it offers the most features and is closest to a full-size sewing machine. If you are looking for something more simple Janome Sew Mini could be the one for you as it's considered the best mini sewing machine for beginners

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