Rowenta IS1430 Review – How Amazing is this Product, Really?

Rowenta IS1430 review

Rowenta IS1430 Review

Rowenta is a well known company that specializes in manufacturing appliances. They have a very long history of making high quality products that their customers know how to appreciate. The company was founded in 1884 in Germany and has managed to remain relevant on the market all of this time. One of the main reason they are so successful is the fact that they have managed to keep up with the times and changing technologies.

This is why they are so highly regarded and why so many people buy their products. So if you are looking for the best Rowenta iron you have certainly come to the right place. Of course, reading a Rowenta DW9080 might also help or doing some other research on the brand and their products. In any case, this Rowenta IS1430 review aims not only to offer all the details on this specific products but to help you out when purchasing an iron in general.

As it turns out, there are certain technical specifications and other details that make a great iron great.

Criteria for High Quality Irons

Rowenta IS 1430 reviews

It might not seem like it, but high quality irons are pretty hard to find these day, not because there are few models available on the market but because there are far more low quality ones that have flooded the online shops and specialized stores. So here are a few features that you need to keep in mind when buying a new iron.

First of all, you need to keep an eye out for the material the soleplate is made out of. It is highly important for it to be made out of a high quality material that will not ruin the fabrics and clothes you are trying to iron. Additionally, the soleplate needs to smoothly glide on the fabric and to be made in such a way that the steam is evenly distributed.

Second of all, you need to check out all of the steam related features that your iron has. The number of functions is very important here, as the amount of steam that the iron releases per minute. Things like temperature and temperature dial also count a lot.

Lasly, you should make sure that the iron you are about to purchase is comfortable and easy to use. In other words, it should be light and have a decently comfortable handle that allows you to have a perfect grip and not work on actually handling the iron.

Other than that, when talking about quality, keep in mind not to make the price of an item one of the decisive factors in the purchasing process.

Product Overview

Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Garment Steamer

Every Rowenta pro compact steamer review available online will make it obvious that this product is not exactly an iron but a steamer that basically serves the same purpose, which is straightening clothes and fabrics. This is a compact 1400 watt power steamer that has a wide steam head and is capable of heating up in less than two minutes. It has quite an impressive 33 ounce water tank. One of the most impressive things about it is the fact that this water tank can even be refilled during use for a continuous steam.

The product has a fabric hose that comes with a 360 degrees swivel base. This means that the product allows you to steam your clothes from every possible angle. The IS1430 also comes with plenty of accessories, including an upholstery brush, a fabric brush, a lint pad and even a door hook.


rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Garment Steamer Review

Any Rowenta IS1430 pro compact garment steamer review will say that the included accessories are a very positive aspect of the product.

On top of that, the 33 ounce water tank that can be refilled during use is another plus.

Additionally, the wide head allows you to cover as much surface as possible and to finish the work with a minimum of effort, not to mention the fact that the head is comfortable and easy to handle.


Although most Rowenta pro compact steamer reviews can’t seem to find any flaws for this product, it does seem that it does not have needed power to straighten out the more difficult fabrics. This is why it might not be that suited for professional use where experts such as fashion designers and tailors have to deal with many different types of fabric.


In conclusion, any Rowenta IS1430 review would recommend the product for its high quality and amazing features. It would actually turn out to be a great addition to any household.

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