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10 Pieces Of Sewing Furniture for Better Organization

When it comes to sewing furniture it is best to have all the right items and find all the best solutions so that your sewing notions, accessories and other tools have a proper place. I suppose we all know just how important it is to have an organized working space and to know where to find every single tool that we need. This is why I think you will love this list of 10 pieces of furniture that can help you better organize your items. I can assure you that you’ll find at least one entry to be something that you currently lack!

Sewing Furniture Ideas

1. Sewing Table Because Working On Your Feet Is Uncomfortable!

Sewing tables are fairly easy to find in specialized stores and even online. There are plenty of options for you to choose from both in terms of functionality and design. My advice here would be for you to properly assess the amount of sewing items you need to use on that table and purchase one that best fits your needs. Otherwise, buying a table that is too big will take up a lot of unnecessary space and one that is too small will obviously not do because you will constantly have things falling off. Just try to reach a compromise and see what fits you best!

2. Sewing Cart For Crafty Sewers

This piece of sewing furniture is ideal not only to store all your best sewing tools notions and equipment but to work on as well. Sewing carts usually have plenty of drawers and cabinets for you to keep all your sewing valuables in.

In my opinion, the best part about this type of furniture item is the fact that it is mobile. All carts have tiny wheels instead of legs and you can easily roll them around your sewing room. This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. You can keep it in a corner and take it out whenever you start a new sewing project. You basically get all the space and none of the disadvantaged of a larger piece of furniture.

3. Sewing Cabinets To Fit All Your Storing Needs

One of the first items of furniture sewing – related that I’ve put my eyes on was a sewing cabinet which I still use for storing and keeping all my tools and accessories. I would recommend anyone who is passionate about sewing to get one in order to better organize their working space.

One other thing that I recommend regarding this piece of furniture is to use it to store accessories that you don’t necessarily use that often. Given the fact that these cabinets are rather small, they are not necessarily suitable for you to keep all your tools in them. In my opinion, they are ideal for keeping things that did not fit anywhere else or that you don’t use on every single project.

4. Sewing Machine Table – Absolutely Indispensable To Any Tailor

Every self - respecting tailor has a proper and reliable table that he uses for his or her sewing machine. If you are serious about sewing then you should also consider getting one because it spares you of a lot of trouble.

The thing is that home use and even industrial sewing machines nowadays don’t also come with a table to use them on. There are indeed a few manufacturers that still include a table but they are very few and only a small number of models have this upgrade. In any case, if you work on a decent number of projects per week it is far better to have a table that you exclusively use for your sewing machine so that you don’t have to take it out from its hiding place each and every day.

5. Sewing Desk, A More Functional Table

This type of furniture is actually similar to the ones I’ve mentioned before but at the same time there are quite a few differences that need to be noted. It does indeed have a lot in common with a regular table for sewing. However, I like to think of the desk for sewing as the perfect combination between a table and cabinets. It has the same space that you can sew on just like the table but it also allows you to store most of your tools and accessories in its drawers and cabinets.

If you lack the space to get both a table and a cabinet then the desk would certainly be the ideal compromise because it saves you a lot of space and I am pretty sure that it would also save you some money!

6. Sewing Box For All The Little Things

Now that I’ve already mentioned most of the big pieces of furniture that you could use in your sewing projects, it’s time to move on to smaller storage spaces and aiding items. One of these small aiding items is the box which you use to keep all the essential sewing accessories, tools and notions.

I feel like it is imperative to have this type of a box especially if you take on a lot of projects and already have a few favorite notions and tools that you constantly use. You can keep all of these items in reach by putting them in a nice box and keeping it on your working table. One of the best things about these boxes is the fact that you don’t have to spend too much on them because they are incredibly easy to make, especially if you are the crafty type.

7. Sewing Chair Because As I have Mentioned Before, Standing Is Quite Uncomfortable!

So far I have talked so much about tables and desks that you can use for sewing that it is about time to also mention the fact that you will be needing something to sit on. A reliable, comfortable and durable chair can certainly make a big difference and considerably improve your working conditions.

Just think of how much time you spend with your back bent in order to do or undo some stitches, to design and work on various patterns. This is definitely not good for your back and that is why you need a good chair that can properly support your lumbar region and not make your butt numb in the process. Thankfully, these types of chairs do exist!

8. Bobbin Saver So You Never Misplace Your Bobbins Again!

I have only recently heard about this bobbin saver notion and I have to say that I’m rather impressed with how useful it actually is. If you are anything like me then you also keep your bobbins somewhere in an old shoe box where they manage to magically get tangled up with each other or even more magically disappear.

Well, bobbin savers keep that from happening in the sense that they make sure to store your bobbins neatly and in an orderly fashion. This notion looks like half a bagel and it is made out of rubber. It expands when you put the bobbin in and it immediately contracts to keep it in place. Useful? I think so!

9. Thread Stand, Because Thread Doesn’t Stand On Its Own

The thing about this notion is that, although it is not necessarily a piece of furniture, it can certainly help you save up a lot of space, not to mention the fact that it makes sewing a lot easier and your working space more organized.

Dealing with thread in an unorganized environment also means dealing with a lot of unpleasant and unwanted knots and many other mishaps. This type of sewing item can spare you all the trouble and have your threads neatly organized. I have even went a step further and have organized them by color so that I always know where to go when looking for a certain shade.

10. Thread Storage Racks To Save Up Space

If you are working in a tight place or have a very tiny sewing room available then a thread storage rack might prove to be surprisingly useful. It is basically a type of shelf especially built for threads and it can help you save up a lot of space. It is not complicated to put up and it is not at all too large or uncomfortable.

If anything, this type of rack has the potential to brighten up the place and make it a bit more cheerful once all the threads and all the different colors are displayed. You can even arrange the threads by shade to make it even more easily to find the color that you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

This would pretty much be my list of 10 furniture items that you can use in your sewing projects to make things less crowded and easier to organize. If you have friends who are currently struggling with organizing their working space don’t forget to share this list with them. Additionally, if you feel like there are items that I have not mentioned, you can tell me all about them in the comments below!

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