11 Useful Measuring Tools For Happy Sewers Like You!

Sewing Measuring Tools

When it comes to sewing measuring tools there are obviously a lot of things to consider, including the type of project you are working on. When I first began sewing everything in terms of tools was so new and confusing that I actually had to make a list with all the tools that I might end up using at some point. Luckily for you, I have decided to share said list and tell you a little bit of something about every item on it. Since we are talking about measuring tools, you should get a measure of this!

1. Rulers – Pretty Basic But Incredibly Diverse

As I have already mentioned, sewing rulers are incredibly diverse. However, no matter if you call it ruler/ transparent ruler/ long metal ruler its purpose is pretty much the same and that is to help you measure fabric and get your design on.

When picking a certain type of ruler the most important thing is to do the research and learn if it fits your needs and if it is suitable for your project. There are plenty of rulers out there that are so specific that you can only use them on certain particular projects and I personally believe that it would be a shame for you to invest in something that you are not going to use. However, if you feel like you will be needing a specific ruler for a specific task and are not very keen on improvising then i actually recommend that you get all the tools you think are necessary!

2. Tape Measure, The Most Trusted Tool Of Every Tailor

Tape measure, retractable, self adhesive and unbelievably useful! It has the potential of becoming your best ally when designing clothes and especially when taking sizes. I personally have about four or five tape measures that I constantly use. Just like with rulers, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the diversity of tape measures currently available on the market.

However, as opposed to rules, I believe that you can continuously use different types of tape measures regardless of the project that you are currently working on. All you need is a little bit of creativity and some spare time to do the necessary research!

3. Retractable Tape Measure Is One Of The Best Sewing Measuring Instruments

This tool is basically a type of upgraded sewing tape measure. It does not have additional functions in terms of actually measuring fabric but in my opinion it is far more convenient to use. The thing is that it is easier to handle and given the fact that it is retractable, it also has higher chances of sticking with you for a longer period of time. In other words this type of measuring tool will not break down when you least expect it.

The mechanism inside might give in at some point but, believe it or not, that is fixable and it doesn’t even take long to mend it. Check out the video below:

4. Self Adhesive Tape Measure – It Can Work Wonders

If you are not particularly skilled when it comes to measuring fabric then you will absolutely love this tool which has the potential of making your life a lot easier and you sewing a lot smoother. The self adhesive measuring tape, as its name suggests, has a type of adhesive on the back which makes it stick to the fabric so that you can make more accurate cuts. The main advantage is that the adhesive is not strong enough to stick to the fabric forever, but it comes off easily.

Of course, you can get this type of tape measure in different sizes, depending on the projects you plan on taking on.

5. Seam Gauge – Highly Effective For Flawless Seams

In my opinion, the seam gauge is one of those tools that are not necessarily indispensible but can certainly make things a lot easier for you. I have actually met experienced sewers who claimed that they did not need a seam gauge, but I believe that for us, less arrogant folks it can be a real helper. It works great with other fabric marking tools and other sewing measuring tools but that’s only if you are a perfectionist and want to double check everything.`

A sewing gauge is ideal not only for hand sewing, but for whatever projects that also include the use of a sewing machine.

6. T square For Perfectly Square Angles

When it comes to the best sewing tools notions and equipment the T – square ruler is probably one of the most useful measuring tools you will come across. It will help you out in your projects regardless if you are more interested in quilting or in sewing.

What this tool does is basically to help you measure and cut perfectly square pieces of fabric. You will no longer have to worry about any crooked lines and you will certainly not have to adjust anything as you go along. When it comes to drafting different types of patterns especially for long dresses and pants, this tool and a little bit of inspiration are all that you need!

7. Hip Curve – Apparently Not Only Great For Hips

This measuring tool is one of the easiest to use and probably one of the most effective ones a sewer could hope for. In my opinion it should certainly be part of every tailor’s sewing kit because it can help not only in the designing and pattern making process but in measuring and cutting the fabric as well.

As it turns out, this type of sewing measuring instrument can be used for giving a proper shape to the fabric from the waistline to the thigh and it can additionally be used to shape the knee area and above the hem.

8. L Square Ruler Or Tailor Square

This type of ruler resembles the T shaped one and it is pretty much used in the same way. It is mainly used to transfer measurements to a draft or draft pattern. Additionally, it can divide the garment into the right size or measurement.

In my opinion it is also ideal for those cases when you don’t have a measuring tape somewhere near you. However, given the fact that it has perfect squares it can be incredibly effective and useful when it comes to making straight lines and even numbers. The bottom line is that it is incredibly versatile and you can make use of it for sewing as well as for quilting.

9. French Curve: The Wonder Tool For Pattern Making

When it comes to pattern making, one of the most often used tools is the French curve. It is ideal for the pattern drafting process, especially for necklines, armholes and sleeves. The thing about this measuring instrument is the fact that it might be a bit confusing to beginners because when drawing on paper one has to adapt the curves of the ruler accordingly. Nevertheless this is an incredibly popular and useful measuring instrument and once you get a hang of it you will start using it constantly! You only need to find the appropriate model for you because this tool comes in many different sizes and even shapes.

10. Hem Gauge For Absolutely Perfect Folds

This measuring instrument is less about actually measuring the fabric and getting the size that you wish and a lot more about knowing where to fold and how to perfectly create folds and creases in the fabric that you are working with.

When it comes to crisp creases and flawless folds then this measuring instrument is everything that you need. You might also make use of a steam iron because in order to get those perfect folds that I’ve been telling you about, you need to press them and only then sew the fabric to keep it in place. It’s incredibly simple to use and highly effective!

11. Sewing Gauge: Perfect Hems, Perfect Folds

Just as the previous entry on our list, the sewing gauge can also be used to create the most accurate folds and hems. When wanting to make such a fold all you have to do is run it down the seam while you press the fabric with the iron. This is the perfect way to ensure that the fold or the crease you were trying to make is the exact size that you wanted it to be.

More than that, this type of instruments can also be used at the sewing machine and basically serve as a sew guide so that you make sure that the seams you make are the right size.

How did you like this list of 11 measuring tools? Are there any other instruments that could have been included here? Don’t forget to comment and share the article if you enjoyed reading it and if you found useful information here. I sure would have appreciated a list of sorts when I was just beginning my sewing adventures!


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