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SINGER 14CG754 Review: Find Out Everything You Need To Know

SINGER 14CG754 review

In this SINGER 14CG754 review, we will present you this highly capable sewing machine that has a lot to offer. Singer is a well-known producer of quality sewing machines and various sewing equipment. They've been around for many years and have been consistent in their quality ever since. Even though their quality is unsurpassed, their prices are still affordable for most customers as they have a great selection of sewing machine models that range from low-budget models to more expensive ones.

There's nothing surprising about the fact that their SINGER 14CG754 is extremely popular on the market, with many satisfied customers who appreciate its many features and functions. Read the rest of the article to find out why is this sewing machine model so popular and if it has all the feature you require for your sewing projects.

Criteria for a Great Sewing Machine

SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish 2-3-4 Thread Serger With Machine Intro DVD

When it comes to sewing machines, there are several factors to consider. You can't just order a first machine that you come across even if it is affordable.

Money should not be the only factor. It's easy to buy a cheap sewing machine, but what fun is it if that model doesn't have everything you need, if it breaks quickly, or simply isn't powerful enough for your needs.

Then again, buying a super expensive sewing machine doesn't guarantee you satisfaction either. Sure, it will look awesome and come with lots of flashy features, but what good is all that if you won't be using half of it and don't even know how to use most of its functions?

So, the idea is that you look for a machine that will have enough built-in stitches, pedals and other features for your sewing needs, but it won't be too complicated or ridiculously expensive.

Product Overview

The SINGER 14CG754 is a 2-3-4 serger which means you will have a lot more stitch variety than with a regular sewing machine such as Singer 4432, for example. It looks intimidating at first, but it comes with an instructional DVD that should explain all of its features. Many SINGER 14CG754 reviews say that this is a beginner-friendly sewing machine so you should not have any trouble understanding it. If you have never worked with a serger before, do not try to figure it on your own as you will surely be left disappointed and frustrated. No matter how beginner-friendly it is, it still has a learning curve.

It currently costs $180, which is a great price for such a versatile sewing machine and once you master it, it will serve you for many years.

Some of the features include:

  • Four different built-in hem options for a great variety

  • Stitch measures can be adjusted to suit any type of fabric

  • Color coded threading system for easier setup and more efficient sewing

  • 25-year warranty

  • Accessories included in the price, such as an all-purpose foot, tweezers, and other sewing equipment.


singer 14cg754

SINGER 14CG754 offers 1300 stitches per minute which is a fantastic speed for this price range and will be more than enough for most users. Its 2-3-4 threading system enables you lots of various stitches and it's highly unlikely you won't find exactly the one you need.

Decorative flat-locking and hems that are rolled easily make this model a great beginner's choice for various fashion projects. Let your creativity loose with endless possibilities.

Free arm is there for convenient sewing of cuffs, armholes, baby clothes, and other projects which usually have areas that are hard to reach.

Because of the differential feed, puckering and stretching are practically nonexistent, which definitely reduces the frustration and makes sewing more satisfying.


There is no such thing as a perfect sewing machine and SINGER 14CG754 is not an exception. Most users complain that it lacks a small crank that would help loop the thread when threading the looper on the lower side. It's hard to do it without the crank, but it's not impossible.

The other thing is that it can produce quite a noise, depending on what kind of material are you working with. But then again, every sewing machine produces a certain amount of noise.


If you are looking for something different, SINGER 14CG754 might just be your next sewing machine. It takes the time to master it, but after you do it, you will have a capable sewing machine that can offer you more than a regular sewing machine in the same price range. It's ideal for seamstresses who are looking for an efficient sewing machine that doesn't cost a fortune. With a 25-year guarantee, it is definitely worth the money and the effort to learn how to use it.

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Hannah is a crafts enthusiast with a passion for sewing and creating cool things. She has a huge interest in fashion and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

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