Slip Stitch Crochet: Uses and Instructions

Slip Stitch Crochet Sample

Slip stitch features among the basic styles of crochet stitches and it’s important to be familiar with the techniques. It allows creating stretchy and thin fabric which has a good drape. It requires less yarn when compared to classic crochet stitches required to create strong fabric. This technique of stitching can be learnt easily and suits the beginners. There are several variations and one of them is Bosnian crochet. It has been historically practiced for several years in different European countries.

Slip Stitch Crochet Sample

Slip Stitch Crochet

Uses of the slip stitch crochet  

Among the significant crochet stitch varieties, slip stitch comes with several applications for making different projects of crochet. It is useful to join and smooth crocheted articles such as blankets, quilts, socks, scarves, sweaters and hats. Some of the main uses are mentioned below:

  • To create designer patterns blended with another stitches such as half-double crochet (hdc) and single crochet double crochet.
  • For closing all the undesirable gaps of the crocheted articles such as granny squares within the end of ultimate round and start of the upcoming.
  • To join these square ends together with crochet quilting.
  • To provide a smooth finish on the roughened edges of crocheted fabric.
  • To add a fresh color to the crochet project. Prepare a slip catch at the row’s end, fasten off yarn, and just add this fresh yarn with only a single slip knot.
  • Ribbing the crocheted articles border and some of the common examples are waistbands for the vests and wristbands for the mittens.

Instructions to work out slip stitch crochet

The instructions given below reveal working out slip stitch within the crochet project. It isn’t used during the early stages and there is a need to work out a section of this project to begin slip stitching.

  • Firstly, put the hook inside the closest stitch into the rows from front to back
    Slip Stitch Crochet

    Slip Stitch Crochet

  • Just take this yarn over crochet hook
  • Pull the crochet in a way for hooking the loop done by yarn over all through these loops on this crochet hook. With a single loop on crochet hook, the initial slip stitch is ready.
  • Just keep repeating the steps in upcoming stitches to keep on preparing slip stitches.double

With the round

This is useful for the purpose of joining both ends of this single chain to prepare a ring. Mentioned below is the process to achieve it:

  • Firstly, prepare a chain featuring six stitches and start off with a single slipknot on hook.
  • Insert a hook inside the first chain which is most distant from this hook
  • Use yarn hand to wrap it from back to front over the hook. Rotate this hook’s face towards yourself using another hand.
  • Draw this hook alongside wrapped yarn again through the similar stitch and afterwards via this loop on a hook into a motion. Apply mild upward pressure and the ring is complete.
slip stitch close up

slip stitch close up

Ways in slip stitch crochet to put dual ends together    

Slip Stitch process is primarily used in quilting and preparing jackets and sweaters. For joining double squares, hold the sides together. Ensure the other sides of these squares face outwards and right sides face each other.  The ultimate result varies based on the loops to work out. Follow the instructions to work out outermost loops. Workout the inner loops of this project and have a pure joint which is barely visible.

  • Start off by working out to put the crochet hook inside chosen loops
  • Unwind a yarn portion to pull up a single loop. Pull it gently for closing all gaps
  • Barring six inches tail for weaving into this fabric once after joining squares.

Don’t work out through the four loops at a time for there may be thick joint with a ridge at the wrong side of the ridge.

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